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Tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five what a beautiful way to kick off twenty twenty lots of sunshine and temperatures are warming up old they'll be close to average in the afternoon with a high of sixty nine degrees but low humidity in a very light breeze once the sun sets though gets cool again tonight with lows in the low fifties tomorrow an extremely fast warm up partly cloudy and all the way back up to seventy seven out of the water today north wins at ten knots and see the two feet on news channel eight meteorologist Leigh Spann and listening to the best of Rush Limbaugh on the EIB network ratings welcome back Rushmore behind the golden microphone happy to have you with us is always on the phone number one of the of the program is eight hundred two eight two two eight two former the Clinton unadulterated racism and xenophobia for Boris Johnson victory we have exposed the American left it's now it's just a matter of the American people they really have run out of any substantive objection I mean if this is it one of Hillary Clinton's former aides reacted to Boris Johnson the Conservative Party victory in the UK election by tying racism and bigotry and homophobia and that's it they they just don't know what to do they literally what when when they can't explain something it's racism it's bigotry it's sexism it's homophobia this guy's name Peter dial who was Clinton's internet director during her two thousand eight presidential campaign expressed his displeasure with the results on Twitter never under estimate the impact of unadulterated racism and xenophobia in the election of right wing white males.

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