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They didn't even realize you back in the league. I'm saying, no, he's not he's coaching the saints special teams. He's been coaching for a year and a half weeks been fine. They weren't even guys who realize you back in the league where we finished. They've no, I know. I mean, I knew you would end the whole time. I mean, I've been watching you. It was a lot of fun. I had a good experience. It was a risk your perfect mass for Sean. First of all, Sean is a perfect guy for you because he can handle you. We can handle your personality. He's not a guy who's afraid. He's you know that about him. He's a guy who's fearless? You know, he's perfect for you. They have a good day. A good are they have a very good organization. I'll tell Vicky law is really a good job. I know Mickey. He's a good guy. And I tell you and Sean a guy who's you shawnise Phyllis. He's not worried about anything. You know, he came up with Bill. You know, he knows guy takes charge. We've got it's well organized. They've got good guy. The guys you're reading the paper every day. This is a good group of guys. I had fun with. It was a fun thing to be a part of. And. Yeah, there were lots of highs and lows, but we kept fighting together. Nobody ever turned. There's no dope criticism. And so, you know, you really believe that it would be a heck of a game. Which it was it really was knowing what it was. I mean, and it's got to be tough for you driving back. I mean, you know, you should be headed to the Super Bowl right now. What you wanna love? Yeah. Because it's like I was in that game, you know, four or five times. For me. I don't think it defines my career. But I would have given anything to get that one opportunity to get their Mike looking Andy Reid. Look how many times he's had his heart broken. You know, look again this year, they just fired Bob Sutton. We didn't stop the pats in the fourth quarter. You know, Bob, something's a good, man. He just fired about something because they hadn't let them go. You know that because they had to do something with the defense. Exactly. Tuck business when you get an opportunity you have to take it. You know, we had plenty of things that could have gone to for ways. I thought earlier we jump out to a better lead. You had a chance to listen you had you had a chance to blow them out in the first quarter. They got the I know you guys were ready for the onside kick because you knew he had an onside kick ready you. I mean, I mean fake punt ready. You knew he had a fake punt. I know you did I called it on TV. I said he was going to go for we handled American knew he was going to go for it. We played a safe look on it. I practiced matter of fact in practice. I had teddy Bridgewater be there Potter. So I could get to throw the right way. That get throws a quarterback. He does he he's very good. And you know, and fossils kids. Become a good special teams guy. I played them off the ball back in what we call a safe alert and back. You know, and just because we know you pass interfere against that outside receiver on the, bro. Yeah. But we don't worry about that. We practice it every day. Nagai turns his back and he gets killed. Yeah. So, you know, of course, I was freaking out. But yet every other play that was involved in. I felt like we want. We did you listen to you. It's special teams who are always going to be good. There's no question. It's like west of are you going to go back next year? Again. Now mentioned to me, Mike. I I just said I said, how do you feel first of all do you feel well enough to do it my leg got better? I was able to walk, and I I went there. I just got off crutches, right? I spent a long time without surgery, I had to have real at my old leg redone, but I feel so much better. Like, I'm I just wanna go away. I wanna go home. I had that whole for a long time. And and put it behind me. Because it's so frustrating. Walk in the locker room to see it so devastated when you expected it to be like, what can you share Mike not that he can say anything that can console him. But what did he say to was team? No, just the fact that that I think he did a nice job of it the disappointment that we all had. But yet the fact of how proud he was of every individual, and how far we came in what they overcame a lot of teams after that Minnesota game last year would have collapsed. What a team's collapsed. He had to pull that together. He did a good job with that. And he made sure that everybody knew that. And he was very proud of that what everybody went through. And but what can you say? So it's just you're just devastate. Did you think you had the best team this year? Did you think you would win the whole thing? He actually I did. I did I did not that we were not we could wait every time. But we had enough different ingredients that that you know, we could put a lot of things together. But when it was all working, right? We were tough to beat. We had a lot of it was an interesting football team was perfect. No. But it had a lot of good things. And we could we of course, you know, you give drew Brees the ball at the right time lookout. Now, he's pretty good can take it hurts you and what about what about what what did you notice? You've been on every sideline. I mean, you've been on more sidelines than anybody. What did you notice anything anything stood out with you about the officials on the play? Did you think of anything that you saw? No, I I knew I could see that. They're the only thing that I know there's enough. Guy that had a very good angle at the plate. Two guys will ride on top of it. Both got both judges were right on top of it. I was expecting it to be officiated in a normal fashion. I I don't look at officials say they make it a point. I really don't I studied. I used to do officiated reports job. Sean gives a complete officials reports to the team every Friday night about who does what and how many holes, and how many this that and everything else. Well, the that incredible personal detail he talks about who the guy is. You know, we we wanna we wanna treat it with respect he believes in that and I do too. But you know, you you call it. Good bad, right wrong. It's just what you do. But it's it's a tough business. And so this was game. This was game. Six fifty two few is that what it was six fifty whatever Mike cottage over six fifty just have you ever felt that way walking off the field before never been disappointed? Never. I never felt that I come back close. And all of a sudden, it was all gone it just close the door. Did you you've probably lost games? Lost a tough game last year. You've lost many heartbreaking games through your career. Everybody has who's been around as long as you as their ever been one. That felt this way. No never. Was really because of the fact that I believe that this team this team that thirteen minutes. We played gets there. Come on. We thought our tails off. My tail off. And I was proud. That's okay. We're gonna play New England. I got you. I believe it was gonna be I wanted. Yeah. I played New England sixty times I I would've loved to play New England. And so I was really excited thinking I'm going gonna have this opportunity to be in the Super Bowl. I didn't know at that time who would be I didn't really care, but and then all of a sudden it gets yanked away. And and that you know, what I ever get that chance. I been awful close. And I was never be. I never came back. I never had never had that chance. We'll listen. I know it's heartbreaking. Congratulations on a good season. I know it's tough to take. I hope you go back and do it again next year and take another swing it. You never know. Thanks, mike. Thanks coach. I'll talk to you soon. Okay. All right. Mike westoff there. You got folks driving. There's a coach that's the NFL. There's the coach driving home. To florida. Now, I'm telling you a lot of people didn't even realize what steps back in the league. I've watched guys on the NFL all year talking about special teams stuff not even mentioning that west dose on their sideline who's considered to be? If not the grade is one of the greatest of all time. Ask him he'll tell you. He's the greatest teams coach and a lot of other people tell you. He's a great special teams coach both on every team you ever went to makes a difference. And he's been there since last year he got halfway through the season. Now, he's been obviously, he's five foot incredible battles with his health. With his leg and had his legs up on so many times in the leg has been such a huge problem for so he I mean, he's spinning out of the league tie it. A couple of times. You know, he was with Shuler with the jets Bill with jets. I mean, he's you know, he was there for a long time. Great special teams coach jet fans. He's the reason a couple of times he made it to the AFC championship game because of some stuff with him. I mean, he won games would kickoffs with blocked punts. I mean, we kick with with kickoff returns. But the show you what his guys coast six hundred and fifty some odd games. And until you it was the worst defeat of his life. Now chance to see the play. We'll play the second of all five games at five o'clock today. You get a chance to see the big game in Atlanta on February third along with airfare hotel for two right now not not now. But at five o'clock would be the first caller to correctly identified today's voice. And you win a Bose quiet comfort. Thirty five wireless headphones and qualified for the grand prize, which would be the tip for land. When we get the five winners. Friday, I will pick one of the five winners randomly from a hat or something. Who knows I don't even though I'll pick it, but we'll pick and somebody's gonna win a trip. Everyone was the headphones. Someone's gonna win the trip for to Super Bowl fifty three where you will be where west phone be Noah's on Payton, or would you breeze all any of the saints? You've heard a lot of screaming today about all would definitely gonna replace. That's not the way to do. This is not the way to do this. That's not the answer. There are other answers. We'll get to that today. With Pereira later on got the hall of fame today. And I don't know about you. But to me, this is where sports mindless, why do I care if Maryono gets one hundred percent one not who cares? Now, it's not the greatest player of all time is the greatest closer vol- time. He's one of the great clutch players. But they'd better players. They will have better players than I didn't get it. In the first round you can get in the first go round. Guys. They left off ten percent of the ballots. We're all time greats who can about that. No one's ever done it. But who cares?.

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