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Up in the show. Let's try to get in a caller to in an email or two nine five to you're up next state what city you're from moscow. This is brian. I'm calling from minneapolis. Minnesota one question and that's just in regards to the new championships that wwe has as the brand. Listen my my questions. You is perspective to someone who is a newer viewer to product. How do they how do you explain. There have been finding veteran in these championships that look almost identical and in many ways are what's the difference between the champions and why should you care. I mean it almost becomes like boxing worth so murky and so many different federations who is the true world champion. And it'd be it's never really answered unless www wrestlemainia. But i don't think they're ever gonna really wanna do that until they if they decide to end this again and go back to a unified product What is your thoughts on the look at the championships and then how do you think people in the end of this perceived the look of those championships being so especially the women's tag team and the world's universal looking so much alike. Thanks guys and a great show. Thanks brian appreciate your call and get here. Titles kevin i. I'm not a fan. You know but then again a fan of that. The the spinner. Or you know the thing is this is if you know if put up a graphic once a week Each it's the it's the champions and has like you know the ms cic champion and then underneath that there was a top ten like in boxing like the. These are the next ten guys. This is the first you know this one. Two three four five six zero and lying for that shot. And then that way of if six i ten happens at night and ten goes over. There means something. But i think if you're gonna if you're gonna make it evolved doubts and make the belts looks so generic. Then you've gotta take you got to pick the the psychology of a fighting for these belts right. This is what we're doing. 'cause all of a sudden i can tell that his belt illinois have is when he was a difficult about like they all fit the personalities of the people. It's just. I don't know i to me. It's like boxing. You know it's not the real belt. It's not green so some british some british tavassoli number world. Bella what does that. What does that so that i agree with that but it is. It's just it's it's very complicated box you. It's i compare it to the stanley cup. I don't want you know the pittsburgh penguins leading a stanley cup. Skating around with black and yellowish gold cups shaped.

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