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Some of the stories that we're following on NewsRadio four hundred w away. I think twice before you drive over that bridge on your way to work this morning. A study by the American society of civil engineers has given Texas at great seem minus for the quality of our infrastructure with the lowest marks going to transportation groups Christian swallow says that fixing it will come at a hefty price federal level will require us to invest in additional two trillion dollars over and above a two point six or currently anticipated to investment ten years. But she says that you have to remember that you pay every day for poor infrastructure. The average Texas commuter pays an extra nine hundred eighty dollars a year to the congested highways at a man was shot in a brutal armed robbery in front of a north west side apartment over the weekend. Police say the victim was approached by two armed and masked man who demanded his cash when he didn't move quick enough. They pistol whipped him and shot him making off with jewelry at an expensive Rolex watch. It happened at the apartment complex on worst box. Just north of the victim in his twenties is hospitalized the suspects remained at large all the start of the state legislature, lawmakers vowed to dive headfirst into school. Finance reform, but border security will remain a hot topic for Dell instead of the federal government building a wall ten governor, Dan Patrick floating, the idea of Texas paying for it and being reimbursed. But that would mean the state would seize land through eminent domain property. The plot owned by the family of Mickael Gomez, a wall would cut through her family cemetery that dates back one hundred years Metairie represents who I am. And who my family is we can't destroy those things for a while. Lieutenant governor reiterating that in this budgeting cycle, he wants eight hundred million for border security the same as last cycle. Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w. By day. Twenty four of the partial government shutdown with more rhetoric and finger-pointing and no end in sight more now from FOX's Grenell. Scott. The president says he wants to make a deal democratic Senator Chris coons says right now it's hard to see the president is sincere. I think the president should test that by making it clear what concessions and what compromise he's willing to put forward? Senate Republican Lindsey Graham says he has some ideas for a deal starting with those allowed here after disasters. They're gonna lose their legal status. He's willing to extend that the doctor recipients they're all tied up in court. But I think he would give them work for MS for three years one time renewable if you could get wall funding both men on Fox News Sunday each day, the shutdown continues makes it the longest ever in this nation. Grenell? Scott, Fox News. The other day the set for the final season of game of thrones HBO announcing that the season eight of the.

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