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I'm here with Richard bell. We just take my teeny and smoked a joint. We're coming up. So we wind up we had a great time with Yokel John a year. You really do you a really great host when it comes to like a quick drink or a big dinner either way. Thank you. I enjoyed. I I like my life. To extend it. Okay. I'd like that too. The you won't have any questions. Johnny. Your favorite drunken. Yeah. You're going to become a drunk. Oh. It wouldn't how excited save you talk. And they about coming. I'm going to be of a man uncles now. No, baby. We wanna be parents. They got one at me. He is hard child uncle, Tony. Are you gonna come with us to Puerto Rico? Yes, I am tomorrow. The out going. Okay, listen, we're going to Puerto Rico. Through may night. And we're going to Puerto Rico may sixteenth through nineteenth. We're having a Elvis Duran party in Puerto Rico at the Kariba Hilton San Juan beautiful beautiful place. We we want you to consider coming with us. I I would like that. But I don't think I can. Okay. Good. Bye. Well, I don't know. He's gone is he he might. I think isn't that. When he goes back down to cherries the matter. All I know is we we got out of that. Okay. I'm kidding uncle, Johnny. You come up with Donnie. Well, I may but I got a check because that's what I'm opening up on fire island. You say you're opening up, and I'm going to head of time. Because at the set up I have to make all the Drake that by mixes and Bloody Mary mixes, the drinks and show them what to do on my gosh. It sounds like task. How many summers have you been serving cocktail island? Sixty s if. Summers. He's been a firearm. Johnny. He's over a picture of him as a young, man. He was a fuck riding a high fifty years ago, by the way, Johnny. Beyond say in Jay Z, accepted, an award at the glad awards in Los Angeles. It did you hear what it be beyond say said listen to this. I want to dedicate this award to my uncle, Johnny the most fabulous gay, man. I've ever known. There you go. Oh, how fabulous? Just before that. Actually, Johnny who who is deceased by the way who passed away whenever in in. That was all right. We gotta go. We love you. It's been nice talking to you guys. I've talked to eight. Yeah. Sometimes John z goodbye. I love 'em. When he takes teeth out and just set them on the table. What is happening? This is great mirror at a restaurant. Not too long ago. He took his teeth out and put them in the glass of champagne, and it looked like little brine shrimp, persuading around like sea monkeys like see monkeys were swimming or. Party trick what came out? Disgusting. One time he put his teeth in champagne glassy couldn't get them out..

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