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Yeah. Directly a surge. In fact, I hate to say this out loud. But I haven't seen any insurance Bill any hospital bills nothing. Really nobody came for me to for amber to fill out any pay again. Paper were nothing the whole weekend at this hospital. Nothing. That's crazy. Amazing. And I know did somebody pass universal healthcare. And we don't know about this so pay for like, I'm paying for your -mergency room. I'd like to say, thank you. Wow. That's amazing. So, you know, I'm sure I'm sure that they'll drop off a suitcase full of paperwork as they think. So. Heard anything only eight hundred twenty five thousand dollars. I mean, that's because it was ICU. Two days lab. I mean, it was direct the heart surgeon on call right there. I mean, and the lady I do remember one lady in the cath lab saying putting her hand on my shoulder saying, we just gave me some Fenton, all and stuff that's been in the news lately. And I I remember just give it to remember. Thinking if I could talk right now, and lift my hand, I would strangle I don't care. Push fix it. Eight inches on me. Yeah. Yeah. When I was in the hospital last year for the kidney situation, and it was in the just unbelievable searing pain. Just all you want him to do is stop. I don't care if it kills me. I won't be feeling the pain yet me the Benton in massive doses. Q I know when I tried to chop my hand off the lady came into give me a tetanus shot. She says this is going to hurt quite a bit pointing at my arm where she's going to give me the the injection. I'm like, holy get my hands like nuts. This is hurting right now. All.

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