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Do go to the store now you you've already had your order place so We feel as though if we can put an on selling people their time back that people will pay a premium for that service. Because we're not trying to be a huge impact on their day so two part question for you how. How long will i. How long have you been in business for. When did you bridge like found cops dot oil. So the the first location opened in april twenty fourteen We didn't do the second location until twenty sixteen because i really wanted to validate the model before moving to the second store but from there the third location was in chicago and that actually was the true test because i live eight hundred miles away from chicago so the ability to run that third store without being there on a daily or even monthly basis really kind of proved that this particular model was a semi and almost completely absentee and so from there moves pretty quickly and then during the pandemic i opened five stores within a three months period commercial commercial landlords. Were really skittish Something i talked about a little bit in one of my earlier answers was about figuring out those pain points for the business and you know to be oil change. Only one of the reasons some of our competitors started doing other services that might be higher ticket lower margin items was to get top line revenue to a point where they can pay for these expensive facilities so for me low leases were important and now we're building building so having an inexpensive building support I've done some core tenant of what we're trying to do. Because i had always been told by industry insiders like to build a quick lube is going to be a million dollars. It's going to be one point. Two million dollars you know any of your listeners can go on to any of the commercial real estate websites type in oil change and see what these facilities are selling for. Two three million dollars so You know it took me a while to basically ask why. And then i found out for myself that there's not a real good answer for it we've been able to create a facility. That is a fraction of that cost which then allows us to focus on the oil change only model which is at the end of the day. Our thesis for what the consumer wants and it also alleviates the pressure of the operator and so low leases and low rent. Payments are a cornerstone of this of this whole project. hawaii. I mean take us to question of. Why did you decide to franchise. And why now. So i felt as though there was a gap in our space on the operator side so it wasn't always we've always been a consumer facing sub always put the consumer i but when i got to the.

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