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Centeno now i mean and and they use the fence to cut heroin that is just a killer it's a simple as that i know and you know just every and you look at the resources that that we have to spend because of the the the whole epidemic and stuff you know i mean the death penalty it'd be cheaper if he's really getting serious with these guys and then they'll know about you never gonna stop everything one hundred percent and it'll it'll send a serious message there's no doubt there's no doubt about that and i like how we did he wound in also on this basically border security which plays a big role in a lot of the you know people california don't want to talk about it they wanna kate is a bunch of people that are that are at criminal embassy thirteen guy you bet you a lot of these issues are interrelated and i don't know if he's made some interesting progress in a in a number of areas whether you like him or not i mean it's going to be interesting how this north korean situation resolves itself maybe maybe this is the sort of president we needed to deal with this drug problem this is a guy who apparently doesn't drink doesn't use drugs has never drank has never used drugs reportedly and maybe that's we need i don't know i don't he he what people don't realize this and speak about it at a one of the things they have the white house clean abroad younger brother who died so if it touches your touches your bill thank you very much.

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