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Whatever you want your life. Not your pride you life dude. I'm just saying i understand that. But point is philander. casteel was not being route. He literally was saying the officer. Hey officer he's got his hands up. I just wanna let you know. I got a legal firearm. The guy shot him. Sandra bland was being reasonable until the officers start harassing her. This idea that we can magically jet. I mind trick somebody. We can't you can't and even the example that you just gave you know we just had. We just had a case of saint louis right now. We're cops just got convicted for beating and undercover black police officers. I gotta tell you like that that to me that i just fundamentally disagree with at its core level. We cannot control. I can be as nice and charming and reasonable. I wanna be and quite frankly if my existence is offensive to a police officer if me sounding polite trigger something them because they don't like uppity educated sounding negroes. They gonna hurt me anyway. I totally. i totally agree with you. I'm not. I'm not disagree with that at all. And that's all the trouble we've had forever. We're going to take a short break when we come back more on gun rights in the black community. This is a word which jason johnson stay tuned. You're listening to a word. Would jason johnson. Today we're talking about gun rights in the black community with gun. Rights advocate ken blanchard look. You're lifelong member of the nra. And you know. They've used a lot of race baiting things in their advertising. I've been to nra conventions. I know what it's like. There's some people who are just straight up gun people and then there's some people out there where guns are clearly a proxy for their hostility to black folks. What's it been like to be a lifelong member of the nra. Given some of the racial overtones overt of both some of the membership and leadership challenge. And i've been at the parties with the heads I still got a couple of friends that they're in the book. And i bring all this up to their attention all the time and it is because of that i don't go to some things It's kinda like you got a neighbor day. Ain't that cool but your neighbor is the same A lot of people who have been in leadership and make things happen don't represent the whole organization. They represent themselves on. There's been some a whole bunch of bad actors in joint who just abusing people and using them using them for their fear on using them for whatever they can use them for money mostly to keep the keep the ship upright in recent years. The nra has they've sought out black people you know they. They'll do panels with maggiore. They have done commercials with killer. Mike i wanna play this twenty eighteen video with killer. Mike in it from the now defunct. Nra tv and sort of get your thoughts on the other side. I had a celebrity very famous like like so well over twenty thirty million records. Call me and say hey my assigned to a ninety second. I call you. I was like what's up. He called me. He was at a radio station. They were pressuring him to do a anti gun thing. And i can tell you what comfortable with it and you say. Would you mind explaining why you say very. Very simple mapping american. You know fifty four years out of apartheid. I'm i'm very pro. Second amendment this is why and before you say well. What about the children. My my daughter goes savannah. State university does also shooting on that campus. Talked about wife talked to my wife and daughter after that decision was we're gonna go to savannah. She's gonna give a gun and train more and after they say might we never heard that perspective we surely respect and understand it and then stop pressuring him to do something they wanna do. What are your thoughts about that. Because i mean look what killer. Mike said is logical but at the same time you know. This idea of a weakened arm to safety is also something a lot of people. Just sort of fundamentally disagree with killer. Mike and and calling on the war who was working as a spokesperson at the time. Did some good in actually showing a different face to pro-gun people being armed is a choice And it's like everybody shouldn't do it. everybody doesn't have to do. What's what's cool though is if one in four people like say you live in georgia which is probably more of a pro gun. Placed in florida is for at least for black people. That is if you if you know that one in four persons in that state might be armed you will not carjack them because bad guys want easy targets bad guys want to attack the female who they know doesn't have any training if you walk and you're acting like you might be a ufc champion. No that's not what i'm gonna do among pick somebody else. So the fact that is one in four or small number that may be in this move then that saves other people. There's nothing wrong with being totally. I don't want firearms in my house. I don't wanna be a gun. Person is not my thing. I am really really cool with that. Just be that same group. There won't dog me for going to the range won't dog me from owning it. Just you be you. Let me be me. Kim blanchard is a gun rights advocate and host of the black man with a gun. Podcast kim blanchard reverend blanchard. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. And that's a word for this week. The shows email is a word at slate dot com. This episode was produced buying on angel. And jasmine ellis ashes. Lucia is the managing producer of podcasts. Late gabriel roth is slates editorial director for audio leash. Montgomery is the executive producer of podcasts. At sleep june. Thomas is senior managing producer of the slate podcast network. Our theme music was produced by don. 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