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We understood this, you know, they did what they were supposed to doing home floor, and we do respect our for now you have to go out there and continue to do what we've done, you know, we'll we brought his last two games and put it into gave off. We know it's gonna be tough. We know they're gonna come out camp. They're ready to go. But now I think some of the things we continue to get better at his transition defense and catch shooting shooting shots there, there Kyle Lowry last night on the win on taking care of homecourt advantage, the calls you heard from our valve, and of course, on TNT. Hey, we gotta series home team continues to win, but it's Tutu headed back to a game five in Milwaukee and last night. It was Colli lender, not even playing all that. Well in Toronto still found a way to win. This game Lowery dropped twenty five points. You had a really great performance from the bench up Toronto Norman Powell scored eighteen point Serge Ibaka, seventeen and thirteen rebounds. Fred van Vliet, contributed thirteen points. It was a team effort last night from Toronto. Of course, you had the stars leading the way outside of Leonard Lowery day. The team high twenty five points Mark assault played well on both ends of the floor, and that was the performance Toronto needed because once again, we could break down what these last two wins. Mean but until we see a road team win. It doesn't mean a whole lot and now Milwaukee's going back home. So the question is, this is there anything we saw from Toronto last night. Is there anything we saw this game Kennett translate on the world? Are they going to get the performance from the bench again on the road if they do they got a chance to win, if they don't, but walk walkies going home? And we saw what happened the first two games of the series. Ain't one was competitive game too. It was a blow out. Aim three Leonard had to will them double overtime on Janas played poorly and last night was a bit of a surprise, because of the nature that Toronto won all that being said, at least we got a series year because I gotta be honest. What am I thought watching this game last night as man either one of these teams is going to be Golden State? They're just not the warriors is not much better in without Kevin Durant, and we'll have more Durant. In case you missed it as his business partner, rich climbing spoke at an event with the Wall Street Journal so web some comments from him about Durant's future in the injury. He's dealing with right now. But the reality is enjoyed the series and hope it goes seven because I don't know if the finals are going to be all that competitive seriously. I just go and say that much better. Even without Katie. You know, Milwaukee, you know, if they if they get a great night from Yoenis, and get some contributions from their other pieces. Yeah, they're good. Not what your great though. They're just not and same with Toronto. Toronto's very good. But there's just a different level between where the teams in the east are right now to we're Golden State is at Golden State is able to accomplish and the rest that Golden State's now going again. Right. Final start a week from I think tomorrow. So going state's getting nine days all Toronto in Milwaukee, maybe go seven right? Because the home team continues to win. We're going back to Toronto Toronto wins. We're going seven, and then who knows? But the bench has been great for them. At least it was in that game last night at Toronto wants any chance to go on and win the series. They're going to need the bench to play as well as they did in that game number four last night. And after the game last night, surgery Baca talked about how this is the best. They played there at the course of the playoffs this year. This spill so far. Yes. You know, we need from, you know, how Tim, neither from us, you know, coming on the bench, you know what you've been so many G and, you know, defensive density and you know, skull some points to study on up, I think it was become falls, too. It was a big performance. He back seventeen points, thirteen rebounds, Norman Powell eighteen points. How many people who Norman Powell was that we're not big MBA fence probably not a lot? Toronto's deep them played liking bench is going to have to translate to game five. If they're gonna go into Milwaukee and win because the way the first three games in Milwaukee went my confidence in the bucks, despite losing two games in a row has not wavered at all. All right, Drake, Cantat Jaanus, and do whatever the heck he wants to do on the sidelines of names. But I'm sorry man Drake, Drake, coming to Milwaukee is not going to help the rafters. Get a win. Toronto is gonna have to play like they did last night that the bottom, and get that translated on. On the road, as far as the bucks yada was faced with some adversity for the first time. Right. How would he respond? How would he play after? He didn't play well at offers standards in game three on loss game four. Don't worry, though, Jaanus still remains confident playing basketball. You know the whole year..

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