France, Simone De Beauvoir, Eddie discussed on VINTAGE Podcast - February Podcast part 2 - douard Louis and Ross Raisin


Can of the insurrection again this state of literature because literature big place to play like in in in the recognition of people look how black people feeling the us with someone like tony morrison zip they feel sat someone cares about us that someone is talking about them's at someone is giving zip all her time and haller hinault j to him and for the for the domionated poor people like we we we don't have over 20 marcin we are it struck me as i was reading it that there was a line in the end up at eight that you could joel between accentless rightists in in france and the cardiff writing because it is that very plain affect lewis straightforward writing i wonder if someone like comey was in your mind as a as a as somebody who was a possible sort of influence or at least occupied the space that he might be interested you're like and above all may be simone de beauvoir she she meant everything for me to me when i started to relax simone de beauvoir saved me when i when i read her books and why what was it because particularly like simone de beauvoir engine poll south in what they were doing as a starting point it will be what was on ways to talk about the most invisible people to always start with this you know so they talked about a poor people to talked about black people when a very few people were talking about him southwestern essay say on children in about almost actually it was so illegitimate at that time south was insulted like so much time on the ball she wrote on elder people short on romans were and so forth he wrote about all the people that up excluded and all the people were dominated and it's it's it's it on the in the in the core of of of ian of eddie you know is this.

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