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Five hundred families every day this week. Lisa Youngblood hall is the district spokesperson this community understands that there are folks who are in need one way or another whether their food insecure because of socioeconomic level or because of their inability to get out of the neighborhoods. They go on mid winter break soon, but hall says schools in the sixty square mile district will remain closed as long as getting there is unsafe emotional testimony in Olympia over a Bill that would make major changes to how public schools teach sex education. The measure would require districts to teach the curriculum which includes discussion of gender identity in elementary school. Superintendent Chris reykdal supports the Bill. This is to the point now where knowledge and education and the purpose of what we do in schools has to. Come before historic norms about what we think is right or wrong in schools. Kennedy. Smith apparent from battleground opposes the Bill. Washington state is not honoring diversity but cramming a solitary viewpoint upon all regardless of their views. Squashing diversity, I wonder who's going to run for school board. Local control is removed measure is expected to come up for a committee vote in the coming weeks. Some bus riders are facing long waits and crowded buses. Komo's CARA cost inch spoke to metro about what's causing the newest commuting headaches or winter blast. A bit of a blow to some King County metro buses we were having buses that were stuck to chains wrapped around axles. And now they're back at the shop, and we're working to get them back into working order. That's because metro says a quarter of their sixteen hundred buses or either being worked on or waiting to be evaluated. Writers are feeling me impact post. Now, it's been standing room only. So it's been pretty hectic. Most of us are not on time and they're skip. So it'll say seven minutes, then seven minutes cons. It'll add another seven minutes a reduction and buses can make a peak commute challenges means customers are going to be crowded for a little bit more. But we're going to be back to full strength. And that's good news for commuters says, he has no complaints. Experiencing any delays or anything like that. So. Metro is encouraging all commuters to check their around four leaving home. So right now, we're in a recovery mode, and that means that for a couple more days. So we get back to full strength. There's going to be more crowding on the buses, and maybe a little bit more delay. But that's okay for commuter. Stephanie ten who is also had to wait for the bus. But she's just happy to have a ride to work in our winter weather still grateful that it's running and one more. Key reminder check that route before you head to the bus. Stop care costs teenage KOMO news and stem buses are still on snow routes in east.

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