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True shady one. More question eileen. What's the biggest amount of acting. You've witnessed from your fellow soap star. Lisa arena on housewives. Oh but the big you know. She's a performer. All right. she's a reformer. Thank you shady diamond. Thank you. I mean i lead. It seems like the one of one of the writers for days. Might have been a housewives fan. You think yeah. And also i mean when i was told that that was going to be you know part of the thing i was just like i loved it so much. I know lisa did too. We were screaming so funny. That's very funny. Okay let's take some questions for virtual fans jessica and tara from michigan. I have a question for camille high making meal. Mike byrd camille Do you feel that. Kyle is being pernicious again by pushing sutton to be more honest to eric. Kathy's dinner party. Especially when kyle has also showed doubts in her confessional about erica. Yes you do fairly o'shea by the way you know both of your reactions to erica asking sutton if she wants to get sued and her saying she's not making threats she's making promises. What was your reaction to that. I lean yeah. I thought that was a little. That was a little tough. I mean that was a little scary. I wouldn't want that coming at me especially you know so. Close you to camille. Yeah that was harsh. I you know you don't wanna be threatened with a lawsuit and it. it was. it was definitely. It was a promise so it wasn't even a threat right even scarier here is courtney from illinois with the question for eileen. Hi courtney i i lean. Since you've been on the receiving end of one of erica's blowups. What was your reaction to her freaking out longer. So when she brought up town calling her every day you know what honestly your first miserable reaction is a little bit much right. But there's so much that goes on behind the scenes. To and i kind of know that world and i know both sides so i'm always looking at both sides of it. I thought it was a little harsh. You know aren't. I don't know i don't know okay. Also no no no go ahead. I keep cutting you. I mean it's okay. it's okay. I'm allowed today I don't know. I just think that there's so much that is is in all of this that we're seeing this much. The real housewives of beverly hills is not a documentary. It's it's a reality show and there's a lot we're not seeing so i'm kind of you know seeing a lot of stuff from just my own history on show thank you virtual audience. Lisa g wants to know what you guys think of ourselves and lisa arenas tiff tonight should ourselves feel like an outsider in the with the group is lisa reaching a little by saying she's upset with ourselves for not texting to thank harry for his sauce. Eileen yeah i didn't get that. Because if garcia i thought i would probably do that i mean. She thanked her in real time when she dropped off the sauce. Right she dropped the sas. I would i would be. I would be fine with that. Thank you. I wouldn't need another text. Camille alex age wants to know if you think there's a double standard with the women pushing sutton to be more honest but when you express your feelings about reach finances in the past renna criticized you for being too honest yes. They're very hypocritical. This group and i'm going to go back to the gar sell feeling like she's an outsider. I've been their season nine. So i felt that those girls that was all of them as a group. The fox force five right rupe felt that so i felt like i was an outsider. So i understand where gar sell how she feels and where she's at brindisi. Br uc that eileen o. Definitely i mean. I think the the girls that have been working together. The longest who've been on the show are going to have more of a bond because they've kind of you know gone through more together right. Brendan t wants. No i lean of you. Talked with rennaissance. The rumors came out about a million scott. Disick allegedly breaking up. Well we were texting last night and this morning but that was not mentioned. Okay interesting for both of you. Karen w wants to know what you think of kathy. Hilton this season. Have you been enjoying her camille. You've known a long time right. Yes i think she's a who i love she's much needed comic relief. The show being very heavy this season. So i think she's been great too. I did too by the way. andy. I think you've got a great balanced cast this season. I mean it's a really nice balance. And i just want to also say there's my husband. I think he and cathy went out. One time like back in the day through style. I know also wants to know if both of you agree with dorito and pk. That erica social media posts during all this or a little inappropriate given. What's going on in her life. Camille is nodding vigorously. Yeah i he's right on. I mean wow he hit the nail on the head because.

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