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In the face officer gregory casillas just thirty years old and a rookie with the department would later succumbed to his injuries police swarmed the apartment complex the la county sheriff's swat team in crisis negotiators attempt to convince the man to surrender 15 hours later after deploying flash banks and tear gas to rouse the suspect police send in a canine and the man gives up he's been identified as thirty nine year old isaiah's they his use valencia some me he comes not exactly enters on steam when you send a dog in but he was not a dead end her and i don't know if he was in there monitoring of tv or radio or if he had known that that the the officer was dead or or whatever but he was taken into custody strippeddown does underwear searched and then processed and then now we're finding out the guy's name and and what his neighbours is saying in in the whole thing but for for pomona obviously a horrible tragic weekend losing you're losing a young officer who'd only been there for it for a couple of years and the the suspect detained i say the he's is valencia thirty nine years old apparently a resident there and and the neighbors saying that he had mental problems or whatever but the the problem on friday was that he was trying to outrun police and and then he holds up an apartment in i don't know what is going through his mind their feet how he thinks he's can get out of that but he chose to pull the trigger anna he kills an officer and wounds another one so there there is that the glendale uh disarray was a foiled robbery the of the glendale galleria there's two attempted robbery suspects outstanding one was arrested after these security officer fired shots the shots of course created a legendary panic in the glendale galleria the shots fired by security guard working to stop an attempted robbery of the glendale galleria afternoon sent mall patrons running for cover no one was hurt in the incident which unfolded this around 245 pm at bendy jewelry jewelers and the galleria when three men went into alleged restore into the luxury store and began smashing display cases with small sledgehammers and the.

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