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The findings revealed that gun. Violence for many americans isn't far removed from everyday life altogether. More than eight hundred americans under eighteen years old have died from gun violence so far in twenty twenty one with one hundred and seventy four of them under the age of twelve. Some of these incidents had been mass shootings defined as involving four more people who were injured or killed not including the suspect so far there have been eighteen mass shootings in twelve cities across the us this week. According to the data with nineteen dead and seventy four wounded. The epidemic of gun violence also includes suicides which of the cause of about sixty percent of adult firearm deaths. According to the department of justice in twenty nineteen an average of sixty six people each day died by suicide with a gun according to the education fund to stop gun violence this year alone there have been more than thirteen thousand five hundred suicides by gun. There are also gun violence incidents that erupt from alleged domestic disputes. Abc news in the assessment of the past weeks gun violence found that at all. At least two point four people had been killed and five point. Five people had been wounded every hour. The assessment found that practically every state in the nation had been affected over the last week with at least one gun related incident in forty seven states and the district of columbia over the last week. The worst day for gun. Violence was sunday. July eighteenth with nearly one in five incidents occurring that day the most violent time on any given day was between midnight and three a m a time period when about twenty two point. Six percent of all incidents occurred about forty percent of the gun..

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