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The best passer in the draft Johnson. He's got creativity delivery with either handy's amateurs pather average Tennessee's per game that led the nation. He's also really creative. He doesn't just see angles. He creates angles body control, he could split pick and rolls. And just a spectacular athlete is mad took us. Two three by the way with the New York Knicks getting that pick. And there had been some speculation that perhaps they were wavering on who they go with after some last eleven our workouts of for the Knicks. But instead they went with the player everyone expected, Rick. The two thousand nineteen NBA draft the New York Knicks select RJ. Needless to say knick fans thrilled six seven four average just over twenty two game. Eight boards forces ado glass season. He and Zion six set of teammates to be drafted in top three in the second time that's happened would they do from Duke. Jay Bilas had plenty of thoughts. But Chauncey Billips had this thought on who he resembles at the pro level barcon for her was the Sicario bulls. That's right. This acog. Oh bulls. Jalen rose, who was a relentless score. Twenty two points a game RJ. It's going to be a scoreless me. They could get it is a two way player. Dave roses, the guy that a lot of different places, but his Kogyo was it Barrett. Ready to embrace the big app are doing this this game. All I got for a long time. And I'm just ready for this. I want to embrace the city in a brace. The team and everything. So I'm ready to go. Yeah. He wanted to go to New York, and he gets his wish that took us to four. We expected the top three picks but at four, we had a deal the Atlanta Hawks the real excitement there, because it was, I the Lakers that had dealt with the pelicans, the pelicans had the pick for a short time before, they offloaded it to the hawks getting picks eight seventeen and thirty five in the swap. And Atlanta gets the player, they had argued all along with the fourth pick.

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