Mantle discussed on Blank Check with Griffin & David - Batman Begins


Agreed but also the superman batman oxygen very different very give him right i'm saying these remands about like a hero whose being given a mantle batman he has to make mantle for himself exactly and so this structure works for batman because you're seeing everything that happens before he ever becomes batman with superman to apply that structure to you're missing lucky steps yes also it's about a man in prison right at a low ebb retention only low ebb who is trying to sort of put together like why how do i get here i want to do right and it's like part a it's it's radar gone wrong i mean that's what happened to write part i am afraid of bats part b a wanna be a ninja part see my parents got i love this is this ogu feet it is it's great best combination of lake really like self serious logic and just goofy nece i gree so he's in prison he's fighting with prisoners he's just you know he just taken part heat because of course will and the move this lean movie liens on this heavily like batman fights criminals right why would someone be so interested in fighting criminals like yes and like isn't the idea like he's in this prison because he enjoys fighting the criminals yes i go and the other element i like of it is that this thing about batman being this very republican conservative hero when you really examine his ideals this is a place where i think this movie deconstructs that.

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