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Nineteen and twenty twenty growth full cost for Hong Kong for a fourth time citing the quite already visible damage to resell and tourism sectors due to the process see also cutting its profit forecast for the Hong Kong because many companies salsa citing the unrest in the bond sale of continued into the Asian session with the yield on Australia's ten you're not rising back above one percent for the first time in a month in Singapore I'm Juliet Solly Bloomberg daybreak Nigel and thank you China's central bank says it'll cut the amount of cash banks must hold as reserves injecting liquidity into an economy facing renewed headwinds to growth required reserve ratio for all banks will be lowered by a half percentage point effective September sixteen this is Bloomberg. at six oh seven on Wall Street time to check the latest world and national news with Bloomberg's Michael bar thank you very much Nathan hurricane Dorian is battering the coast of North Carolina where it may briefly make landfall with a fierce winds and the driving rains a category one storm marching up the U. S. east coast is by Cape lookout North Carolina Bloomberg's rob Caroline has the latest Michael as hurricane Doreen's move northeast Philly and started to accelerate its also started to weekend it's going to be affecting eastern North Carolina particularly the Outer Banks this morning and into the early afternoon with hurricane force winds at times and some very heavy rainfall and the system will accelerate tonight passing south of New England a late Friday night early Saturday morning Cape Cod and the islands are under a tropical storm warning in we may see some strong winds particularly across Nantucket overnight as the system goes by then took it also has the best chance of seeing rain in excess of three inches the weather conditions will improve tomorrow though as the storm heads up into Atlantic Canada Michael thank you very much rob meanwhile in the bomb as the death toll has climbed to thirty with many remaining missing relief workers on the ground in the Bahamas say the U. S. needs to speed up.

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