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It's going to happen i don't wanna be part of the shenanigans i'm gonna tell you who i would draft and then over the next ten years i'm gonna pull this draft out and you can rip me you can criticise me you can mock my mock draft but i'm not going to predict what these goofy teams are doing because what i hear this morning is a quarterback who i don't even think top ten quarterback is going number one over sam darnold who's the best college quarterback i've seen since andrew luck so i'm gonna give you what i believe this is what the ten teams should draft based on value talent and some needs here you go number one i'm cleveland to me this is the easiest decisions into andrew luck sam darnold blue collar work ethic big trunkey arm feet coach able this is a no brainer to me i know the kid i love the kid i'm a little biased because i've seen him but he is just this is what nfl franchise quarterback looks and feels like big fiqh can play hurt has didn't have last year he had to break in new wide receivers had some turnovers early but only had seven picks in his last eleven games this is what i do number two the giants they say they don't wanna quarterback so to me one guy that has zero bus potential is bradley chubb he is again i'm going with the scouts and gm's i've trust he's a monster he's the best pash rusher three years he's in that joey bosa class where he's going to be massively disruptive right out of the gate bradley chubb to the giants number three jets josh rosen he is to me he throws the best refined ball now i still think darnold got a lot of growth he's kinda raw rosen throws nfl ball has that nfl pocket presence durability concern i'm the jets he can handle the new york media smart kid i go josh rosen number four browns they're in a division with pittsburgh who's got juju smith schuster who's got an tonio brown who has a history of drafting great wide receiver.

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