Extortion, STU discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


On not someone i want to absolutely you'll save your we'll tell you this natshe laws oil should secure gives you back to b u y may be be of happy happy wife moon dr oil pccw about our show with this two god's onea's pm radio stu god says many of you know is an amazing creature one of the most amazing things about this radio show is and this surprises even stu got who is delusional e selfconfident about some things the number the sheer number of you who agree with him when what he just said in the last break very confidently and very casually he just advocated extortion as a business practice and just very casually with fingers moving just black mature suggested blackmail and that part is not surprising the number of you who agree with him am ghirma put it on the poll argumentdisturbed at all on its new god's thinks extortion and blackmail our normal business practices it as the drive you crazy 'cause you are smart you're wellthought out you are reasonable you are balanced and i just come aim with blackmail co banned they love you more spot on times hoan vegas no no no i want there you're not going to get their loves important to me i want the love of doubt be both love me john grieve what makes you think they're doubt extortion as a business practice smart that it i mean jail is filled with those smart people.

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