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Are more than fifty people were injured when a domestic jetliner skidded on a runway and broke into several pieces an environmental group says dozens of airports around the globe could suffer at the hands of climb a tree change CBS is Vicky Barker there are people alive today who could see it ATP world airport including some of the world's busiest under water by the year twenty one hundred the Washington based world resources institute says that's what could happen with a one meter or three point three foot rise in sea levels arise well within the current climate models and the analysis says the three major New York City airports will fall victim to more flooding and extreme weather Wall Street right now it's another big day for stocks second one in a row the Dow is up three hundred fifty eight points nasdaq is up twenty three and the S. and P. five hundred is up twenty eight points this is CBS news crystal the world's most awarded luxury cruise line visit crystal cruises dot com today to plan your next level adventure crystal where luxury is personal Wesley is a truck driver I drive a truck I love what I do truck driver with IRS troubles forty three thousand dollars got really bad quite a few letters in the mail they were talking about Lee Jordan coming up my house my car yeah they they don't play around here's a thought that I was gonna lose everything one sleepless night Wesley finally made a call to optimal tax relief at two AM Jane but I didn't actually get to talk to an actual person in the middle of the night Sam just what he was looking for a great team of people that know what they're doing optim attack really know what they're doing to my tax relief came through with flying colors I have been going to come close I would.

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