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She on? Looks like we might need to switch over the studios. Yes. Second year, right? I didn't know if they turn me off in here or not. So we're still on the air. Who said some technical problems tonight Mikey ever? We okay. Yeah. Know, it's a journey. That's what let's about it. Really? Is it really is a journey. So we're on the air right now. We're just not talking to ourselves you. Okay. Got it. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Are we still on the air? My still talking even giving more shovels giveaway. One sec. Okay. We're just buying for time right now. All right. Pete McMurray and the AllState skyline studios we will get to news in just a second darlas there. You are. All right. What was I saying? Wait. Let's let's do this again. Here we go. Here's Andrea darlas with the news Maria tomorrow night radio this call police officer shot and killed a t nine duty was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison for the murder. WGN's? Eric wrong has the late. Judy activists. Say Justice was not served and six years and nine months is a joke for shooting and killing seventeen year old the Kwan McDonald in twenty four teen. Mcdonald's ankle says the sentence makes it seem as if his nephew was a second class citizen. The judge in the case said he took no pleasure in sitting in judgment before sentencing. The ex cop with good time. He could be out in three and a half years defense had asked for probation while the prosecution asked the judge for cents between eighteen and twenty years. The special prosecutor still says Justice was served. Eric wrong. WGN news zeroing in OEM see press conference on this weekend's snowstorm. They ra- manual Esau Chicago to remember that we are each other's neighbors elderly or sick in your book. I ask you, please. To check. On your neighbors. That's what we do in Chicago. But I need you to do that the city needs to do that. If there's a problem, obviously, call three one one of serious problem. Call nine one one six to ten inches of snow is expected full forecast coming up President Trump's top economic adviser. Larry cudlow today telling reporters that the current partial government shutdown and negative effect. It's having on the economy will end at some point. He also defended President Trump's plan for the Mexico wall border security, including a wall,.

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