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Like your friends hot big brother. He stands up to greet you. He makes jokes and laughs at yours. He's a soft spoken but physical talker a play apologize and and he has the kind of big grin that splits his face in half also. He looks even better in person. Not that any of this was surprising. This is the man thirsty fans Ed's have credited with inventing bone structure in the subject of many tweets of the run me over variety. crushed my head light birthday candles in my asshole et CETERA. So I'd like to pause to say that I m e huge good place fan if you haven't delved into it yet please give it a try. It can be a little corny at times but it's endearing during and sometimes you need just something that's endearing and Nice unlike a soft Lincoln and I think it actually makes some really good points about L. Life philosophy and how in our time right now. It's hard to do everything right and live this moral perfect light and we're all just basically doing his best weekend. It's funny Eh. It's touching at times the acting like I said you might watch anything like this is ridiculous. It's so stupid. It's so corny. This is like full house and but like worse but please just hang king in there and I think he might come around. It's infinitely better than this is us or that other trash. So but you know manages just Santo Jason. Mendoza is not place such an airhead on the show that I actually like. I didn't really see like the appeal of him that much. Let's just because for one. His character always makes a Florida. And you know I kind of make fun of Florida but I also love it. So it's a hard position for me when they just like rail on Jacksonville all the time my birthplace but I see like I think when he's out of his character he looks way better. I think they do something kind of weird to his hair on the show. So I get it I get the thirst and I I I I wanted more from this interview. Because she at the in the last paragraph says we're well over our interview time but just sent Oh continues to assure me there's no rush. He keeps pouring tea from his bottomless pot. Pot and answering my questions about movies and Italian food until it really is time to go in the lobby. He leans into give me a friendly parting hug from over his shoulder. I catch a teenage girl mouth fully open staring at him now. I agree with the commerce of this so i WanNa read them. One of them says I appreciate the huts boat required to pitch a date with manny as an article would love to have read more but I understand why struck speechless by physical. Perfection can extend to the written word. But I feel that I'm like I need more. The other comment was this is way too short. Can we get a full transcript. We need more all caps. Yeah like I I want to hear about the Italian food. Sajeda I love you. But why are you withholding. This from us. Is this going to be a multi part series but to give you guys a little tidbit. If you're really thirsty for him. This might get the groins ago in because she asked him for something he has said in an interview before he pauses as Jeff. Gauging me the situation. Then he says I sneeze six times in a row whenever I sneeze. He says it slowly with emphasis locking eyes with me as if it's crucial I don't think this is a joke he continues. This is where it gets weirder. This is a form of torture but a friend of mine told me that if you sneeze ten times in a row that it's equivalent it to an orgasm yes like a single sneezes one eighth of an orgasm or something right I say having I heard this as a scandalized sixth grader. Yes he nods again one eight one tenth so it's like I almost get there but I don't so that's what she leaves us. Would I don't know how I feel about that. Never heard that before either along with the seven up so apparently I I live under a rock. It's okay can these laugh makes me laugh every time I they can't hold me. So Are legit ship for this week again. You know I'm loving the holiday spirit. You're good to again. This week is a first up is a Norwegian and show that my friends abby and Elena recommended me and it's called home for Christmas. It's actually called like you'll you'll or something like that in Norwegian but if ah whatever it's something you'll okay but if you search home for Christmas on Netflix you will find it. It's only six episodes. It's really fast and quick and I think again then I like stuff that it's about a girl who's thirty years old and like feels pressure from her family to get a boyfriend for the holidays and I think it's something maybe a lot of people can relate to and it's over the top and whatever but there's parts of it that I do think would will speak to people even if that's not the situation you're in that situation and then not that my family pressures me but I'm definitely thirty thirty and single Abbey's married and she liked it too so I think it can appeal to a lot of people my other one is. I think I've probably talked about before how much I love. TJ MAXX DOT COM. And I think a great present I know it's a little late right now but they have lied Dutch ovens on there for a pretty good price. I think they're only about forty nine dollars and I love my Dutch oven. I use it all the time. It's so nice because you can have it on the stove top cooking something in it and then move it to the event and I have like a really pretty like green one and they have like lavender and blue and actually my friend Tasha has one of these two and she can also about how good it is. It's way cheaper than getting the Lakers or something like that. Like the equivalent will cost pilot four hundred dollars so check out. I hope you guys have the happiest holiday season. I'M GONNA try to record again. An mortem Monday so I don't know when our next episode be. I'm really hoping in the New Year. We can just get on our regular schedule again so Yeah I'll l. just going to be celebrating Christmas and my birthday new years and I hope you guys are having the best time and just a happy happy holidays back..

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