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Played a ball. If I have been indifferent to him and his hands off and I hit him. Oh. The refs say like a low-key with a tip. Okay. They could have run out the clock. A saints fans. I'm sorry. But it is what it is. Incomplete respect to call. You can't you can't blame him. If you're. Jack. If the official on the fields that the ball was tipped where that was that. Both the ball was the ball was ten was absolute mess. Throws that breeze made all day, lawyers, water balls all over the place. It was a great throw. And and Koby Roby Colby. Did not he jacked up Lewis. He didn't just hit him. He do he lit him up. He turned Lewis inside out. And then if you look at it again, I'm looking at it right now, there's definitely some helmet-to-helmet. I don't know if it is a helmet the helmet, but you could've called NFL told it should have been helmet-to-helmet two penalties. Either helmet-to-helmet hit or the pass interference blatancy of the is. There is some slight helmet. The hell look how far away we'll watch the video right now. But those of help on radio but following a ball is due. Barrington as he is utterly and completely embarrassing. You know to wear on Twitter late last night blandino is talking about the changing and we'll get to the overtime rules change in the overtime rules. And you know, I retweeted I quoted that three in return. The NFL's got bigger official bigger overtime rules after what transpired yesterday. I would worry about the OT rules debating that after the embarrassment that was down in New Orleans as the same fan should have been celebrating yesterday, data bourbon street enjoying themselves. Right. And unfortunately, they're angry. They're ticked off their bothered. They don't wanna know part of the NFL because guys aren't doing their job this week. Season where you're getting some guy that just got called up called big twelve football. This is the NFC championship. Have one official telling aerobic Coleman on the field. The ball was tipped right? The other essential salad Peyton that they arrived simultaneously. And then you got the dopey bow river odd paid after the coach. We blow it we blow it to penalties called other play not one, but two utterly embarrassing for the NFL. It was just, you know, really. And and no matter where you go today you're going to hear about this play. If you follow any kind of sports, and you should because it was really embarrassing for NFL officiating. What happened? I mean. The miss calls happen all the time. And it's all year, we know that. But to your point moves in this moment. Big of a game. And like you said on holding. That's not like blocking in the back on a punt return. This is pretty important. Besides the game that decides the game, and I get the saints could have gotten a stop on the Rams, and you don't have to have the airline what forty seven yard field goal that tied at the end of regulation. I get that they had the lead after the field goal late in the fourth quarter. But if that is called properly the game is over the saints March on here's Sean Payton, the New Orleans head coach. It was simple. They blew the call who said should never not been a call. They said not only was interference. That was helmet-to-helmet to call. They just couldn't.

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