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And actually you taught me more about people than I have learned kind of on edge all hanging out with my friends cuz a lot of my friends really didn't have any directions they were just kind of there and I wanted to leave our way. I loved l a I grew up out there but I didn't want to stay in LA and San Jose State was my ticket to go. I didn't know how it was going happened, but that was my ticket to go out there and I'm glad I did because I think that was probably the best decision I made Because I don't know what will happen to me if I stayed in Los Angeles, so that's kind of my first story. That's that's that's great. And I like everybody's in divorce story because it's different and I'll go mine real short mine's is different. I went to I went to go ahead and I played it humble state division 2 football at the time when I was small super small. I was a little guy took 5916 T, but I could play football. I hit and that that was a school that really they were very persistent with me. So they recruited me. I got a letter about other schools. I got interest from a lot of other schools, but humble really pursue me, and and I landed there probably wants a great experience probably ever had in my life because I was able to get away from Sacramento and I was able to grow like a man down here and all you guys are stories. Are you guys want division one? I want D to but this is what I want to I want you guys to think about what you'd upon it. I want to kind of say leg went into this each mechanism that took you guys to school or home. An ism that attracted to those schools was all similar to us as a sport. Right. So the basketball baseball for Kevin track track for you. Mister Torrance me football now want you to imagine something that mechanism is cut off. Would you go to that school now being recruited not somebody come and talk calling you anymore? No, no nobody talking to you about it. Would you go to New Orleans? Would you go to Utah would you go to San Jose State wage to Humboldt if they never ever contacted us or never had that mechanism. They're attracted to that school. My quick answer is no cuz I didn't even know you existed Minds know to I would have never went. What about you Mister Mister. Oh boy. Would you live in new? I never heard. I never heard of off lately. What I said and and University of New Orleans. It was who you know, you know, like wage know you and know and if you say uno I get mad and you say you know for this is in fact, no no I'm saying so absolutely absolutely. Oh, so no, I never heard of San Jose stayed. I didn't know where San Jose was. The only thing I'm in California, I knew was Oakland and San Francisco. I know anything else in between there outside of Bakersfield and Fresno got it. So I wouldn't I want to khong Closing so so I'm I'm leading to that. I'm leaving that that part of discussion because as we know I think I think this is African American men, especially in the state of California. There's Ben mechanisms taken away from us to attract us to schools and most predominately has been Sports, you know, I mean in particular have a passionate about because it's full ball. They could football out from a lot of the division two programs just like they're cutting programs now, actually they'll just cut their football program. I believe there's some other division one programs that our staff is talking about cutting some of their programs as well those mechanisms that attract us to go to these schools outside of anything else is now are being cut and I'm five and a hard time myself babbling how the fourth largest economy in the world. Which our state schools cannot afford cannot cannot fund these programs to keep that mechanism going to attract us to those schools because as we all know all of our dreams will become Pro whenever we want to be the professional be the best edit either go to Olympics play NBA play Major League Baseball play NFL football, but when we did make that we became Pro something else Kevin's a motivational speaker and he's dominated life coach towards your coach and your I'm pretty good Dynamic table. I'm sure your dynamic in what you're doing and I'm an analyst at a at a fortune five hundred company, but those mechanisms now are no longer there for the next Generation. They're not there for jobs anymore, you know or certain sports are not there anymore. So in my humble opinion and I may be wrong about this, but I don't think that college is really for everybody. I think that they need to really pick up a trade because we as African-Americans if you don't play that good old boy system with them then what job are you going to get? But yep? You know how many I grant you the college is not for everybody. The opportunity to go to college is for everybody to be there. Well, send me off but then when you go yeah, that's a good that's if you want to go. Well, yes. Like I said, my dream College was FAMU, so I wasn't trying to go to FAMU to go play basketball. I just wanted to go to fam but me being up in Michigan. I was going to have to find a way to get there. And like I said the funny story about family you as they have the black college fair in Detroit and not go down the Cobo Hall and all the hbcus all come and I with every year stand in line for FAMU and I got disrespected my senior year and it was like, I'm not going to this school, you know, it was I stood in line my sophomore Junior and Senior year and they said Oh, come back next year old come back next year that senior year. I came back with letters of regiment letters of recommendation. And I am a resume. I had everything lined up waited in line patiently the man took my paperwork and he threw it on the desk and said okay, he saw a pretty girl right behind me or whatever and he wanted to talk to her. So me I went to go sit in the corner. And when I sat in the corner the TSU representative from Tennessee State saw me and said hey, why are you sitting in the back on the came here for one school? And she said what school was that? I said TSU. I mean, excuse me family and she says can I see your paperwork? I showed her my substitute. This is really impressive and she would you mind filling out the application. I'm going to I'm going to waive all your fees. What say you do whatever you want. I'm not coming to you by the time I already knew that I had a Cal State Fullerton scholarships. I wasn't trying to be pushy or anything like that when I left Detroit and got back to Lansing No Lie, they.

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