El Paso, ABC, President Trump discussed on Ric Edelman


Double the F. T. L. west Palm Beach plantation fort Pierce from ABC news Michelle Franzen and autopsy for Jeffrey as seen expected to begin today sources familiar with the matter telling ABC news authorities say the registered sex offender an accused sex trafficker die by hanging himself inside the metropolitan correctional center in Manhattan Saturday questions now why obscene was taken off suicide watch just a few weeks ago people will be asking how do you kill yourself when two weeks ago you were on suicide watch given the high profile names linked socially dance team over the years there's bound to be intense interest in the investigation into exactly how he died ABC's legal analyst royal Oakes EPS dean's came death came a day after two thousand pages of new documents were made public for the first time with new accusations leveled against Epstein another prominent men and politicians victims over the years in the sex abuse scandal with abstain now speaking out here's ABC's tell me we spoke to some of the victims they were tortured they say for years by Jeffrey obscene and now with the suicide he sort of torture them implemented them one more time because all they wanted was just as they wanted to see him rot in a jail cell they went to his bail hearing they testified to make sure he didn't get bail the one there and we have to remember Jeff rifting Pete this case once before so this was their second shot at it and now they feel so disappointed and let down that this was able to happen in Iowa democratic presidential hopefuls talking gun reform at the state fair this weekend a rite of passage for candidates on the campaign trail senator Elizabeth Warren was asked what changed that may make the Senate Republican leader take up the issue democracy is certain show a little muscle out there and I think Mitch McConnell's getting just a little bit worried he ought to be a lot worried president trump is signalled he would be willing to support background checks and mental health measures in the wake of the shootings in el Paso in Dayton you're listening to ABC news there's nothing like meeting face to face and there's nothing like zoom to make that happen.

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