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We'll hear crabbers but. no poison this guy this mob guy and then they leave the coffee shop they just walk down the street that's the end of the what are their no consequences for pouring lie into the mob bosses t just don't know but i love that movie do care if you seen puppy greenwich village i have not got to see it it's it's it's class airdrops eric roberts mickey rourke no oh dude yeah okay all right this is i mean this is like you know this is at the height of their of their powers when they made that movie they're great in it Yeah. It's a it's a it's, it's great man and. so yeah no that's that's back when eric roberts and and mickey rourke where you know like the hottest thing on the planet so but no that's a terrific movie that's a terrific just got very weird ending though i just just kind of just so abruptly ends that was like what spores line but they're both great in it and have you ever seen have you ever gone back and watched what i consider to be have i told you we talked about this what i consider to be the greatest except speech in award show history like by far the greatest acceptance speech mickey work for the wrestler yeah this in indie spirit yeah no that's a it's amazing well he goes on and on about air roberts getting and it's the seriously the best it's it's my favorite acceptance speech of all time is mickey rourke at the independent spirit awards and it's like six and a half minutes long it's fantastic it's fantastic and he goes he gushes on and on about eric roberts they cut the aircraft's he's just sitting at the table like shaking his head because he's like he's the best actor i've ever worked with he's talking about aircrafts and people he goes i wish people would forgive him for the stuff that he did because they both had some you know issues sure and give them a second give give him a second chance like i got And, and then he's like. he goes yeah because you know he's he's which one director in here would hire this guy's best actor ever worked with and forgive him for what he did and everything and then he'd get cut the aircraft and he's just kind of like on the verge of tears and stuff and the mckinnon mickey will end up being in jail before the end Now, the public Greenwich Village man. That's a took my. Legendary man. So. but the way you know who's in that movie tony masonic tony we from bird with the crystal house a little tony asante yeah he plays mob guy yeah what was the t._v. show is in toma toma that's it yeah the precursor to beretta it was the precursor to beretta i loved toma man when i was a kid i thought it was the in i've mentioned before but the the idea of that show was he was like a undercover cop who wore all kinds of different disguises Toma. All right. Here's Doug on WGN. Doug. coordinate all right what's up i i'd say oh got fellas godfather they're good i seen a lot more with bronx pale and chazz palminteri platon tony yeah Yeah. Oh my gosh..

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