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For the study of Hate and Extremism, says crimes targeting Asians increased 150% across the country in 2020. Governor. Cuomo says he's done talking about sexual harassment. W N. Y. C is Glen Hogan reports? Cuomo says now that the assembly's probe is underway, and he has nothing more to say about any of the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. He declined to answer multiple questions on a call with reporters Let the lawyers Do their job and let them conduct the review. On then we can talk about it when we have facts established, at least six women have alleged unwanted touching inappropriate comments and demeaning treatment at work. The State Assembly has hired a law firm to help investigate these allegations, as well as the governor's handling of nursing homes during the pandemic. The probe could lay the groundwork for an impeachment trial. The attorney general and the federal government are also investigating. The empty A has been using outside counsel to fight six recent lawsuits over lack of accessibility in the subway. One of the plaintiffs wants to know how much this cost the agency But only when I sees it, Stephen Nessen reports the empty A won't say. Joe Wrap, A poor of the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled, is a plaintiff in three of the six lawsuits. He spent countless hours in court opposite lawyers from the firm Paul Weiss, Rifkind, warden and Garrison. Which represents the empty A. Rappaport is dismayed at what he calls delay tactics by the empties lawyers. So he filed a freedom of information request last June to find out how much the M to has spent fighting these lawsuits. Last month. The empty responded that it couldn't release the numbers because it doesn't track spending in this way. This month, Rappaport filed an appeal. MTH chairman Pat Foy says he'll look into the request but wouldn't commit to.

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