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Rates number four. One thing i'm looking for at purposely horses form over the track or at least all weather tracks Sure i look at number two and race number four momentum. Attach a fifteen one on the morning on a at blinkers. I like her last two starts over the track or Her her last time she ran her way she ran a half length third back in march And our last three races You know her firms pretty solid you know grant a well beaten third and then her last two racist. She's run third second. I just think you know she think guarantors returned to this place. And and those two efforts stampers enduring a really wide open race And then my other one is in the feature race number seven Number seven hurricane highway in there's ten to one on the morning on the four year old quality guilty a quality road gelding m race. Last year he went to seven starts. Last year he He's three for six on on all weather His last start on an all weather track is first race back in july Ravelli random for tag was immediately claimed out of that race by. Cipriano contrasts us. There was a two and a half win win at to park is the last three races. He didn't run and go to kentucky down. It gets much better. But last two races at indiana grand a really solid. He's coming back into good form He broke his maiden by non lengths on our weather. I said he loves all weather track. Hurricane highway these at indiana Shipper for cinch I it brianna. Okay try that the good form and ten to one on the morning on. I'd love to get a price in that range. Nice did you look while. We're on the topic of bobby chance to discuss it. Did you look at the stake tonight. I know i didn't really look too closely at ten. But now i didn't really look at it. I just i. I dunno parties. Faris princesses the you know seven to five I'm just wondering if you know. Then there's the yeah. Those are pretty good efforts up there. So i gave it a quick glance but i just don't really know You.

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