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Stories and for that we get to win those at the young guerin's good morning And a good morning to you as a war in Ukraine escalates the road to congressional approval for U.S. president Joe Biden's $33 billion relief bill for the country may not be easy Bloomberg's Ed Baxter has that very story The Ukraine part has broad support across Congress but it risks getting snarled in his ask for COVID funding and immigration The Senate could vote on the emergency spending next week but the house will be on recess So Congress could finish by the week of May 9 and send it to the president but if Democrats insist on attaching long stalled funding for vaccinations and immigration costs it could be delayed indefinitely Biden did urge Democrats to pass them together In San Francisco I met Baxter Bloomberg daybreak Europe Now the mayor of keefe says authorities still can not guarantee safety to residents hoping to return after Russian forces pull back from the outskirts of Ukraine's capital Vitali Klitschko told Bloomberg TV the exodus or businesses and people has already caused a hit of at least a $1 billion to the city's budget We can't guarantee the safety in capital just a week ago The Russian record leisure in buildings in our hometown and 5 civilians is dead Meanwhile several Russian strikes have hit Kyiv as the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres is in the city for talks with president Vladimir zelensky and a British national has been killed in Ukraine in a second person is missing Scott still be was believed to be fighting with Ukrainian forces in either Mario poll or elsewhere in the Donbass region Now Apple grew fossa than expected last quarter a generating record sales for a non holiday period sales and profit topped estimates fueled by strong demand for the iPhone and digital services where the company announcing $90 billion in new stock buybacks but the tech giant is warning supply constraints especially chip shortages could cost it four to $8 billion in revenue during the current quarter And Elon Musk is said to have floated the idea of cutting costs and jobs at Twitter in his talks with banks to take over the social media giant Bloomberg understands he discussed ideas to monetize a platform in boost cash flow including potential subscription services Meanwhile filings show the Tesla CEO sold about $4 billion worth of shares in the electric carmaker since announcing his deal to buy a Twitter And the 122 year old iconic Camden venue coco reopens tonight after three years of closures from a fire flood and of course the pandemic Bloomberg's reporter Sarah rapper port got an early look at the venue and she also spoke to the CEO Ollie bengo It's kind of a colossal project And we're opening up with arcade fire which is going to be a huge production and the helping them promote their new album We are them So it's just going to be amazing You open up with a band like arcade fire but at the same time the team is a good energy in the house and the team are the team of feeling good about it all So it's exciting for everyone You can kind of feel you can feel it around the whole building And Sarah joins me now to talk about this redevelopment of the venue We just heard the CEO they're speaking about arcade fire I haven't heard of them but they're going to open the new venue tonight And tell us what we can expect Yeah so they put 70 million pounds a $100 million into this building right And they were just meant to close for a little while but then the roof caught on fire and it took 60 firefighters to put out the blaze And then there was a pandemic and you can't listen to live music during the London lockdowns But now coco is back the doors are reopening to this historic venue And this venue means a lot to cam then to North London you had Amy Winehouse in the libertines performing there in the naughties You had prints to his last show in 2015 He had Madonna do her first UK show actually there in 1983 the clash had residency basically this place is synonymous with the London music scene and spent closed because of the fire in the pandemic and now it's reopening its doors with a really really huge revamp It took years in English heritage putting time and money into it Sarah I remember going there to watch the libertines not that long ago but it does feel like it but Sarah you just talking there that we've obviously had the pandemic which has shut down live music in London and it does start again But now we are facing the cost of living crisis and as you said they spent millions on this revamp but can they expect lots of people to go as things are becoming increasingly difficult for households Well actually one out of every three jobs in British music was lost during the pandemic so the industry was brought to its knees during this So they really need people to go back to gigs as a support local artists And Ali told me that they're going to put time into the community as well to build this back up But the show tonight is sold out so people are willing to come back for sure They're going to be a thousand shows this year in the venue so they're increasing the number of acts So they're really hoping to be back and beat back in a really big way And it's not just shows They've actually added four stories to the venue to make it a members club called House of cocoa so you can apply a bit like a Soho house and if you're approved you can get early access to the venue You can walk into new bars and music.

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