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He's going ahead of someone like Boston Scott I'm on the skies you on the head of someone like Jay Dobbins and drafts and I think Jackie Dobbs has ton of potential someone you should look out for as well of course. Jackie Dobbs is a huge risk about this planet Bram Shaky Dobbins again with. Mark Ingram still there 'cause Edward Lamar. Jackson, he need time to us themselves and more of a dickey dance to me was more like a second-half breakout kind of a running back, but you know Boston skies being valued right now, Above guys like that, but Palolo several people, he should probably be valued over like Latavius Murray. Like Damian Williams cutting honestly. Boston Scott has more potential than Damon Williams and Damien Williams in the Kansas City offense, but I think Philly is going to use bosses got more than people know. He's definitely super unnoticed. I think he's going to certainly certainly outperform. His like his eighty Pete right now, so keep an eye on Boston. Scott all right I wanNA. Squeeze one more running back in right before we get to the end of this year and that running back is. Ag Dylan. Now. The reason why I wanNA talk about Aj. Dylan, and of course you know There's no stats on your here is because I think. There has to be a reason green bay. Drafted this kid right you know. They have Aaron Jones And they have Jamal Williams, but Aaron. Jones missed four games in two out of his three seasons. He has some health concerns I think you know. You know. Green Bay has the you know. They had this weird formula right now. Of course, we thought there was going to go one way and completely went the other way and I think you know they want to be run heavy and they want a guy who they can count on and rely on I. Think Aj. Dylan's going to be a very very interesting. Pick for people in this draft and I say that because like I said Aaron Jones has struggled with injuries, and so you know if If Aaron Jones is hurt again. I think Aj Dylan seizes the opportunity becomes starting Green Bay and surprises a lot of people now. Of course, this is one that you know. This is a sort of gamble. Pick nobody really picking him on Fancy Football Jesse's not projected much but I think he's one who could be very very interesting now only problem is. He doesn't have many receptions. You know he didn't have many receptions in college You know he wasn't. You know the biggest, not receiving fair but I think he's more of that sort of red zone. Connick guy. you know steal touchdowns becoming red zone thread on the goal line. You know sort of like gear blunt how he gets a ton of touchdowns. He wasn't a receiving guy You know didn't put shoot. You know you know Jurassic numbers on the ground, but he could get a ton of touchdowns I think he had a season with eighteen touchdowns when he was on the Patriots, so I think ag. Dylan could SORTA had that kind of role and. Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones are entering contract years. So you know this could be the guy that they want to look forward to have their franchise guy of the future. Maybe they don't WanNa pay the other two or don't. They're necessarily worthy extensions that they're going to seek with the current running back market so keep your eyes on Aj Dylan, of course that is a gamble. He's being picked super super super lean. Lean drafts running backs fifty seven with the hundred and sixty ninth pick basically the last pick in the draft, so it's not like you know you're going to have to wait, and you know sort of in the hope that he still on the board. He's GonNa be on board. It's just a matter. If you know you're planning to Green Bay Fan or someone who's just also trying to give sneaky pick. I with that guys, let's go into our break and right. After that were in are less segment for the show. Two.

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