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That was imposing us in not children today. Next up. Let's go to Wayne in Tacoma, Washington, west of the rocky say, Wayne, go ahead. Good evening, gentlemen, George, Michael. Good evening, my favorite archangel, by the way. Yes really kind of a quick statement, and then a question from like the statement, I guess, one of the little fast about UFO's on last week when you look around on the computer sometimes things pop up, and it says, best pitchers of you up, I was so I clicked on that found out that United States submarine. Can't remember the name of it. But if you, if you do the best pictures of UFO's or your foes on submarine pitchers. You'll get it and show some fascinating pictures, anyway. Getting onto the second thing and thank you. Thomas LA Hoya for bringing up the frequency thing, and you also, Michael frequencies are extremely, extremely important and frequencies, and resonance controls, everything just taking the human body into existence. The body has four trillion cells each cell has a hundred billion. Adams in it. Some, some of those cells have low Motors them that go up at one hundred thousand revolutions per minute. So it's all fascinating information. Michael the question. I have for you. As the islands south of South Africa. I'm really interested in I la- archaeology Tristan to Kuna Lena both birdie provinces. And of course, the are the south continent..

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