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But it's also a reminder that somebody's intent I'm going in and doing damage and causing harm to folks. It's the old adage if you see something say something at this point. There's no indication of terrorism as a motive, although the FBI is investigating. Jim Ryan ABC news. It's six thirty three at NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S back in level of former cop facing federal charges involving the explorer program sex scandal, a federal grand jury indicted, Kenneth bets on charges of enticement and possession and distribution of child. Pornography bats, one up to former L NPD officers who were already facing state charges of sexually abusing teens in the explorer program. The other is Brandon would US attorney Russell Coleman this investigation. I must emphasize is is open it's robust and it's ongoing. In regard to other subjects other defendants an independent investigation concluded Louisville. Police mishandled the abuse allegations. But there was no cover-up at headquarters or at city hall, Paul miles NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, southern Indiana police officer finding herself on the other side of the law. Jeffersonville police officer Rebecca Moses booked into the Clark county jail Wednesday on misdemeanor and felony charges. As part of a criminal investigation by the Clark county sheriff's department Jeffersonville chief Kenny Cavanaugh placing Moses on leave and suspending our police powers, the White House suspending CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's press credentials after a heated exchange with the president. That's not an invasion. Honestly, I think you should let me run the country. You run CNN or if you did it. Well, your ratings. Is president? By may have. Are you worried enough press secretary Sarah Sanders claims a Kosta placed his hands on a White House intern as he peppered Trump with questions during a press conference video of the exchange shows a cost did not place his hands on the end tarnished. She tried to grab the microphone away from him. CNN responded to the move saying Sanders lied about the situation calling the suspension a threat to democracy when a cost you refuse to give up the Mike the president called him a very rude person level city f c defending its USFL Cup title when the club plays Phoenix rising FC tonight at Lynn stadium. Loose city advanced the championship by winning the Eastern Conference final their coach, John Hackworth. I think it's fantastic for our city in our community and brings a spotlight to not only the league to everything that we're about. It's the first trip to the US L Cup. For Phoenix rising kickoff is at eight. You'll hear the match on seven ninety KRLD repeating.

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