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That works well then. Her husband calls her husband's like. No, you know you just really need to do this for free and trying to bully me into doing it for free and finally. I was like you know what I'm not only not for free I'm not doing it anymore like good more you. She came into my store the next week when I wasn't there and told my staff that I had said she could take anything out of the shower the store that she wanted to. Shoot and here was her credit card. And you know you if I don't bring anything back, you know if I like something, you can just harsh the credit card and they're of course starstruck. They would never have imagined and they knew I had been working whether I had told him about the drama in La Store, and they give watch out and months and months later. There were certain things that inventory I was looking for like A. Where's this? Where's IT actually? It was super bowl weekend. We had those. beanbags Ryan. Because I have people committed? Watch the game I'm like where are those? They're like. Oh, they're at La Voz House and you could tell by the way they paused that they the new fucked up like they ended scams because apparently. Months went by, and they call they call them they call, and when they could not get any response, they tried to charge the car. And of course it was no. I called them up and I'm like what the fuck you know. I can't believe you came in here. Literally stole from my store and they said you know what let's go to court. You know this'll be good TV. Easier for us just to like how our lawyer deal with actually paid. Oh, my God. It's a really good, and so then this is, it gets even better. Everybody was like who is this person like? He didn't say oh. He didn't name Nickens okay. No, he did not name names, but everyone like we could figure this out so literally like the sleuths like the sleuths out there found a tweet where bobby was responding to a page six story, in which this housewife Aviva Drescher from the real housewives of New York a brief stint on real housewives. She basically stole art from Guy. She borrowed it for her house for TV, and then one of her friends offered to buy it, and she's and she refused to give it back to the to the. Thing. She just does yeah, so she was like. Oh, I sold it for you because it was like at my house when he's like no, the deal was that I gave it I lent you the painting, so they could be on TV. You could have paintings in your fucking house and use and like selling it them. Obviously get the money from out there. My paintings like I. let them so anyways that he took. He took them to court to the. Court I know so. She wanted a commission like it was like. Oh, I'm a dealer so I should get a commission for putting it yeah. She was holding the paintings hostage until she got her commissioner. Whatever or something, so then he tweeted Oh at Aviva Drescher. You are such a con artist. Guess I'm not the only one you fucked over so pathetic, and then he linked the page six piece. This was in two thousand three queer eye. Yes, yes, then he tweeted at Carole radziwill. WHO's also on the show? And this was I think this was. This was amongst the drama and I'll get there in a second. We're Aviva. Drescher has a prosthetic leg and one of the big housewife of New York's dramas of all time. It's took off her leg and throws. Maxine, that's Aviva. Okay we've mentioned this before. That's Aviva. Drescher who is related to FREMD rusher. In case you wearing wondering by marriage, their cousin okay so. So because you're wondering she, he's so. He tweeted at Colorado well Lee radziwill's daughter. When we've talked about Lee well and actually libra oswalt comes a lot and Andre Leon tallies book you'll, you'll love it. It's so great, and she tweets at her I agree with you. Read is a total crook. Read is a vivas husband of Eva, was brought on the show, because Aviva was married to Harry Dubin. Who all of these women had hooked up with, so they were like yeah, bring this woman on the show like she will cost so much drama, but her drama was so much more than they could even have expected. Basically. Let.

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