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Counts related to special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation. White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders, telling reporters outside of the White House this morning. It has nothing to do with the president has nothing to do with the White House the charges include witness, tampering obstruction and lying to investigators say B C's Aaron Katersky. His attorney said Roger stone will fight the charges brought by special counsel. Robert Muller defense, attorney grant Smith told ABC news the charges amount to a clear attempt at silencing. Roger stone was arrested before dawn at his home in Fort Lauderdale, then accused of lying about us communications with WikiLeaks. The organization that released stolen democratic emails during the presidential campaign. Storm makes his first court appearance later this morning in Florida. Also later today, former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort appears in Washington DC courtroom on allegations of lying. Investigators. The two are among six Trump associates indicted in the Muller probe. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Support staff with Vancouver public schools will not be going on strike. The district says it reached a tentative agreement was support staff shortly after midnight this morning. School is resuming as usual police are still searching for a suspect in connection to a fight that led to a shooting in downtown Portland Tuesday afternoon. It happened in Lincolnian alley near the tunnel. Block of south West Broadway. Two people were wounded this win is Tulsky news. She saw it happen. Started drinking wine getting in a fight. You know, he tried to calm the guy down. And next thing. You know, we heard it go I was right there. When I heard the shots. The victims are expected to survive local and county governments in Oregon would face new harassment laws under changes being considered by the Oregon legislature state Senator Sarah, guests gal says there's currently a gap that keeps elected officials and volunteers from being covered by the law that is an unusual relationship between age between power and not power public and not. Public volunteers interns, unpaid people stipend did people Galster says the Bill would establish training and create a way for harassment to be reported that there would also be required. Follow up to make sure the harassment does not continue. And there was not retaliation White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was reporters this morning about talk of a possible compromise to end the partial government shutdown laid out. Our proposal of not not what we want. It's what the people in the professionals at the border have said that they need in order to do their jobs. We're now in the thirty fifth day of the shutdown..

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