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Blue jays pirate stories kind of wild. Get your calls here in just a second. The bluejays are trying to find a ballpark to play. Because candidate government barred them from playing their home stadium amid the coronavirus pandemic, the quote from an official said Canada has been able to flatten the curve in large part because of the sacrifices, Canadians made we. We understand professional sports were important to the economy and to Canadians at the same time our government will continue to take decisions at the border on the basis of the advice of our health experts in order to protect the health and safety of all Canadians, so the Blue Jays can't play at their home stadium. Travel out and come back and teams can't travel in and then leave, so they need to stadium season starts on Friday. They've considered their training facility in Dunedin Florida, which is like the best of spots to be heading right now based on. The that's a hotspot. They've considered Buffalo. A Minor League ballpark. which is there AAA home, but it's kind of a sub standard that the lights. The lighting structures aren't great. The club houses aren't really big enough and conducive to social distancing. Weight Room batting. Cages Kinda Sub-standard I. It's just in Major, League. Baseball is worried about the competitive this advantage they they already are going to be at not being able to play home. Do they want to have them in a place where the the setup is not? Up to major league standards or enough now give their general manager credited their President Mark Shapiro, and their players have come out and said all the right things to this point. You know we're. We're going to make this work. Wherever we wind up. The pirates jumped in today and said we will host you at PNC park. Now. That's great. I on the surface, the pirates aren't away all the time I mean there. There's going to be I think there were seven days where they both would play at PNC based on their home schedules, so I don't know if that would be a a noon. Blue Jays game followed by seven o'clock pirates, game or something like that, but you'd have to work that out, but there's only the thirty. There's only seven of them that would be a crossover that both play on the same day, but think about this. The season starts on Friday and there are thirty Toronto Blue Jay players who are going to have to figure out where they are going to live starting on Friday for the next sixty six days. Whether, it's themselves whether it's their wife whether it's their wife and kids and the their stuff, their stuff has to get from where they are in Toronto to some other place. That's either in a permanent a condo home the renting. That's by frighten out of the not the end of next month. That's on Friday. They need a place to play and donate a place to live. and. That has not been figured out at this point, but how about the Toronto Blue Jays playing in Pittsburgh at PNC park in and around the pirates schedule all right back to the phones about cell phone and we go. Michael Welcome to sportstalk. Loria what do you make of all this? Year. The Canadian for could've give the bluejays a little bit more heads up on that. Yeah I the Blue Jays. We're waiting thinking like a last minute reprieve and the conditions would be better, but that has not happened. So, what do you think about this foul ball idea? I will see your sellable and I will raise one yeah. Okay. Do you remember and I don't know thread. Still do the throughout, but you remember the like the skyline step of the Mike thing to do you have a kid at the start of the inning would announced. Who's The leadoff batter? Yeah. Okay. Why not have like like literally guys? That during any and then fell about all. They get that by ball. will be I mean the kids can't be in the perks how they're going to make the announcement Berko Berkeley. I see what you're saying. We could, even in theory have them record? You can have a bunch of them. Already in storage like different players doing each kid gets a different name I. See that yeah, you could, you could punch that up on the scoreboard, and it could be Johnny from Madeira, who now batting for the Cincinnati reds, the first Baseman Joey Votto, or you could even have his team literally team standing behind the kid cheering once he announces his name. I mean that's what I was thinking. What you maybe prerecord, yeah? ooh, bad yeah. To wear, the kid would say now. Betty the first baseman. Rod and then real quick on the Pollen Neil saying yeah, I think Neil more of as a Yankee red. Yeah. I agree with you. I think his and again. He wasn't I'm certainly not saying. He was bad as he was, he was. Decent to good as a red. He was great as a Yankee and I. Just I think as a Yankee Hall of Famer so? On your empty animosity between him and there is the way he was treated by giving Boden and the trade. Maybe may maybe there's probably a couple of layers to all of that. Michael I gotta run. Thanks, Buddy. Good here, no good hearing from me, Matthews Sale and now he's on seven hundred wwl W, A. Good how are you? Hey now to. This piggybacking off of your idea basically but. Masa is, makes this poor hands on for the kids and yeah. Basically you have your idea where you can still bid on the foul balls, okay? But with how kids are today? Electric I'm thinking..

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