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I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Everybody was clapping and cheering every bid that came in. It was an incredible atmosphere. And did you know the people who bought and donate the car to, you know, I've never met them before. It's just shows the generosity of people and how they support the community and people that require so much that they're all on board and it's unbelievable. You went into that auction thinking hoping you could make as much as fourteen thousand dollars for the car. How much money did you come up with? Actually the donations haven't stopped yet, so it's over one hundred thousand for sure. By now, what does that mean for you and your kids? I was retired and I'm not retired because I have too much money. I thought I might be able to make it by. And then now we got to raise and its gives us a little bit of a cushion to fall back on. And then as the kids get older, of course, expenses keep getting more and more all the time. So. Give you and your wife a bit of space in order to heal from the loss of your son and his wife. Of course, it's, it helps a lot and knowing that there's people out there that care as much as they do. Definitely. It helps the process for sure. Brent's car back in your yard? Well, it's it's a big car to store, but it'll be used for the odds Sunday afternoon drive and keep it in good shape until Liam Monari Eller old enough to drive it and hopefully they can enjoy their for this car. When they get older, they'll take it and drive off to college together. Exactly and half of the other class in there with them. Ben, this is a very inspiring story, and I really appreciate you sharing with us. Thank you. Thank you. We reached Ben, Kerry Luke in red Derryl Berta. Do you like to hear that interview again or share it or see a photograph of that? Very special Seventy-three present, check our website CBC dot CA,.

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