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And when i see that stuff my impression is that these things can be known and mapped out if a culture decides to explore consciousness in full. What do you think oh absolutely. I think that we can storm the afterlife for want of a better term and what i mean by that is that even though are logic and the mind. We have don't do it. We're in a position where we can actually transform our mind. I taught this course for many years. Beginning in nineteen sixty nine gradually developed at were. I taught my students to think logically about things that don't make sense. That were even exercises like exercises where they would have to write different types of nonsense and then reflect on how it made them feel and then to shift to writing another type of nonsense and they can actually feel the wheels and their mind turning in a new direction. And i've just had you know. I guess dozens and dozens of students. I've had over the years. He's looked back on that as a sort of mental transformation point to them and so right. Now i'm conducting kind of collective study. It's encouraging people to go through these exercises and learning how to think logically about unintelligible things with the expectation that eventually some of these people are going to have near death experiences. And it's already happened by the way that it's happened once and when they come back they'll have a whole new way of telling the rest of us about it so it's a kind of bridge across the world's few years back. I had this wonderful man. He's a elderly gentleman who's a renowned artists and scientists and he had taken one of my seminars on nonsense then a few years later he had a near death experience and he said while i was over there my mind went back to the nonsense seminar and he said and i saw that. What you were saying is true. He said you can't comprehend how this world is connected to that world unless you take the unintelligibility access into account was the way he put it but to put that into simple terms. You know greg out officer brush. Oh it's gross It greg dr seuss's books have sold over. Hope you're sitting down over six hundred million copy right and you're too young to remember doo-wop music shannon on where the idea was to have nonsense as the main line or the harmony and then meaningful parts and it was a major form of music back in the fifties or scat singing with ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong or just is just nonsense syllables. But it really puts you into an amazing state like the glossy lelio or speaking in unknown tongues of certain religious groups. It's just repeating nonsense syllables until you go into this really a nominal ecstatic state while there's also chanting and there's also like the gross of the shaman. There is some relationship between getting into that mind state and possibly expanding our consciousness to bleed over into.

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