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Explains airlines teeth I'm gotten braces for waterjet sense of the word one one one two three about two straight she just got her room according to this test Jackie Kennedy had a three pack a day habit for forty years while I have that photographs of risk from smoking however are extremely rare and I know that yeah that's right William Manchester was writing the death of a president he made a reference to Jackie Kennedy fishing a cigarette from her purse I read that book and I think he said they were Salem's hi I thought they were Salem's do on our new court settlement hearts I think maybe our new poll reporter meant I think they're not at all she did smoke menthol ability wow and used a cigarette holder sometimes there's a couple of photographs over here and ensuring that here's your actual voice this is alright go ahead this is really yeah only about the silverware now let me explain this is the famous this is the payment White House tour and I think it's Charles Collingwood yeah these are just like him to I'm not mistaken this actually aired on more than one of the major network this is a very big big show tour of the White House well obviously they were living there I want to say she didn't get it around Christmas and she was a an art historian but well educated thank you Tom but that when we're done with this we're going to do and Jackie Kennedy when her thumb is hit with a ball peen hammer okay that's coming up one be careful when we today I'm here this is the act of this is Charles Palmer interview interviewing the actual First Lady in nineteen sixty something why was the pre sixty to say three running about the silverware and China.

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