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Jordan Morris boy detective. Guest. Dana. It's been a joy to have you on the program. Thank you very kindly. I've enjoyed being here. I know it Seattle lights will be headed out to see you on Friday. I hope so I'll be at the triple door with Cathy, Sorbo and the Zuma Bella trio, I'm gonna be honest. That's one more door than any club needs a front. You're going to need a back. Yeah. You're gonna need a back for fire safety, but I'm very I'm very excited. I love Seattle. I have a lot of friends up there. You know? It's a good fit and Griffey junior. Nintendo headquarters intended quarters. Cathy, Sorbo who's a very funny comedian lives up. There is nobody in mind from when we both lived in San Francisco, I met a guy. God damn it. I'm going to get a need to remember his name today. I was on the train platform waiting for the subway with my daughter, get you aggressive, very, I'm very fancy guy. We were headed to little Tokyo Japanese bookstore. So I could buy anime pornography. Yeah. Look the other way deer and I want you gotta stop these stories a little sooner all enjoying it. That's a great, by the way. Let me just into the difference. At the moment, you're on the train platform going to little Tokyo with your daughter on the train. I was I was texting on the freeway. Swerving to hit a robot. Paving, exactly there was this guy wearing a hat from a team called the San Francisco mission reds, which was a Pacific coast league team that she had a ballpark, right, right? Next to where I grew up fifteenth in Guerrero in San Francisco, literally the next block over and the mission. Yeah, I didn't know that. And I said to the I said to the guy is that a same as go mission reds hat because I had never seen one in real life of than the one that I own. He's like, yeah. It is. I used to live in San Francisco. I'm time chatting with this. Nice, man. And he says I was a comic when I lived in San Francisco I used to used to work at this club. And he's listening command. When was this? He's like the like the mid eighties mid to late eighties. And I was like why actually doing a show with Dana Gould tonight. You know, Dana Gould, he's like, yeah. I knew Dana Gould, sure, he's like, Tom Kenny and the different name was okay. This is for memory. I'm gonna say Edmark. There you go. I love Eddie Marquette. He's a very nice man on the subway platform. What's he doing now wearing a mission reds? Like Intel can tell I know I. South my daughter by listening bolted. So I excuse myself. But any Mark is a great time. There you go Eddie marquess, Jordan. I met him on the train subway. I believe you train platform within usually or subway stories. True. Thank you don't think you made that up. You're not you're is that what have you rented by politic? Gets three Pinocchio. Story about meeting a guy with a hat. Ed Marquez pants on fire KIO alert. Told me Israel meeting with a hat. I knew he was full of shit. Dana Gould is also the host of the Dana Gould our podcast, which is genuinely joy, it's when the Jordan I have both been listeners to for many years ever since we went to see data golden river in college of after. Uh-huh. Artist podcast to make Brian sunny. D Fernandez is our producer on the program dinner you so at Dana, Jay Gould. No, you murdered. Dana. I did at Dana Gould, I finally got bless. You got God bless you. Dana on Twitter at Dana Gould, I'm at Jesse thorn Jordan is that Jordan underscore Morris. No, that's not Jordan in Eminem's commercial. That's david. No, not in the commercial. I'm not in the geiko commercial. And I'm not doing anything as lucrative as being in a fucking commercials pointing it out. So I know not great. I'm doing that said if you're making.

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