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Pete, are you there? We lost, Pete. All right. Well, I've been on hold so long. I'm so sorry. We apologize way. Have lots of girls worry. We're in for Bernie in said Go Right ahead, Pete. Go right ahead. Hey, anyhow. Yeah, As far as this video goes, I mean, I think I think the point you guys are making his right eye and I said the failure is definitely at home. Um, you know, you could blame Al Sharpton, if you want. I mean, there's I'm sure there's some level of complicity with the media and everybody else, but I mean, the failure is really home. These kids have no consequences. If I if if I saw one of my kids on that video man there would be there'd be hell to pay like no other. You know, I'd have that kid making public. You know, public apologies on YouTube. I would embarrass and shame that child, you know, And that's the only way they're gonna learn. Pete's right. But nowadays if you smack your kid, they'll call the cops on you, right? They call the cops on you. You could be arrested. Let me give you 11 quick example. My my daughter and son. They know no matter who uses the n word near them. You will never hear my 32 year old daughter or my 27 year old son, both African American Children. You will never hear them used the n word because they know there will be hell to pay with that. And Mom. Mm hmm. See, Well, my daughter's got me. She's only three. She's got me wrapped around her little finger, and she's like money. I want ice cream on the kids, all the ice cream you want. I just love it when you're so cute. I love you and she knows to come to me instead of my husband cause I'm the weak one. This is Lydia Serrano with Dominic Carter in for the great Bernie and said, We got a lot more to talk about. We got to talk about. I keep teasing this story, but I got to talk about Cove it and it's not as contagious as we thought. I know that sounds crazy. That's a new study coming out. We'll be right back. But power of information the freedom to talk about it with New York attitude Talk radio 77 w A B C W A B C traffic in transit truck accident in Brooklyn south on the BQE, a Kent Avenue just after the Williamsburg Bridge has been pushed over to the shoulder, But we're seeing very heavy delays coming down.

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