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Insured by NCU. It's 9 28. Traffic and whether on the aids. Let's go to bob imler. He's in the WTO be traffic center. And Montgomery county Glenn road is still closed just to the west of south clan road because of down wires, that's still going on there. On the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties were good to go, the crash we had on the outer loop and Richie Marlborough wrote is cleared. And so there's no delay left there at all. Things are running pretty well on the beltway between the Woodrow Wilson bridge on 95 at college park and on 50 getting out to the bay bridge traffic runs without the light. Very light traffic. In fact, out of the bay bridge and beyond tonight, up and down 95 and the Voldemort Washington Parkway all is quiet on each between the beltways and also pretty clear up and down two 70 between the belt white and interstate 70. In Virginia, the earlier crash long ago cleared on 95 southbound at lord and nothing in your way at all on either three 95 or on 95 toward Fredericksburg and beyond and traffic on 66 continues to run without the light both ways in the district up and down two 95 along 6 95 and three 95 all is quiet. Super Saturday gets super mattress deals at Ashley take 20% off select Ashley king and queen power bases, super Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. visit home stores online online for Ashley store nearest you bob him or WTO be traffic. Your forecast now with storm team fours, Amelia Draper. Mainly clear skies out there on your Friday night with lows in the 20s to low 30s. And as we look to the weekend, the forecast not bad, especially tomorrow,

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