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What are your thoughts on the new age of cms latte file or headless earth database driven a versus other some blue sky dream cms basically what our thoughts on the cms bad former landscape right now as we see where we have things like flat file markdown file cms as we also database driven ones as well as maybe some potentially cool other stuff which there are some potentially cool other stuff so let's get into it i think some of it's pretty pretty cool but it requires a certain level of technical know how like i could see a markdown file driven cms being very popular for developers or people who are familiar with code but like i'm not going to tell a client who's never you know who's only used microsoft word to use a markdown file as their database or a cms i've just not gonna do that i don't think they're gonna get it i don't think they're going to have a good time and i don't think they're going to have a good experience with me as their developer if i'm saying hey you got to come in and mark edit these files a it might be a little bit different with something like netla fi cms but at the end of the day you're still requiring some build time so they're not going to see that instant feedback where when they save a file it's automatically updated for them in wordpress you say that you go to the patients there with nelly by cms and gatsby or something like that you save it and then it has to rebuild with the new markdown file and that maybe takes a second it's not as instantaneous i i think it's a great system and i really like it i just don't know how i feel about it or nontechnical clients that said the headless cms landscape is pretty sick right now lead gives me an opportunity to announce plug my new pro series coming this much with with is going to be modern wordpress where we're going to be doing all headless wordpress both with next jay s as well as gets piece i'm going to take two different front end approaches on it can be server said render statically rendered stuff i am been pretty.

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