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Good for you. You'll do anything that's route for selfish. Ah, man, John, I do it speech called really high. I e l Hi about drugs and alcohol in the movies. And let me tell you, this is a fantastic film. Of course, you can take this limited look at Archer's without Billy Wilder. He'll films have enriched and enlivened in my life, and I bet you used to. So I interviewed Billy Wilder and he said salad. I mean, he said that The weekend. The lost weekend was so important to him because it showed an alcoholic who was not down and out Always. He was bright and interesting and educated, but the bottle took him down. And also there was only one movie. He told me that made him totally proud of the film. And I said, Well, what is it? Some like it hot Sunset Boulevard. Is it Sabrina Witness for the prosecution? No. Billy Wilder tells me they were all flawed, only double indemnity. Oh, I know. Talk about perfectionism. This guy was brilliant. And he was very urbane, Very sophisticated. Oh, John, this is a marvellous film. But all Billy while these do yourself a Billy Wells, the film festival, you and I Okay? Yeah, we're gonna have Like Austrian, you know, really sophisticated food and a little bit of the bubbly, you know. Very Billy Wilder. I love it. Okay. Now, this film next was controversial, broke barriers. And I was talking to Alan Sloan about it. She thought it was just a brilliant film Robak Mountain looking for work. I suggest you get in here, pronto. We're going to be working together. Breaking it's time we start drinking yet. Nobody's business, but ours. You know somebody name of Jack Fisher bodies? No. Could be like this. Just like this. Always This thing grabs hold of us in the wrong place were dead. Sure found a way to make the turn passive, dear. You don't know nothing about you have to describe this movie and you have to describe its impact. What was so important? OK, well, Ang Lee is the man Taiwan's Ang Lee and he is a brilliant filmmaker. The movie is Brokeback Mountain. I.

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