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And and and get out before the allstar break it's the wrong way to look at it look at it you can make it fun make it interesting but as far as the warriors and them going forward and then getting back to the finals in repeating for the first time here over these few years of dominance getting omer caspi nick young and especially my mine patrick mccaw getting those guys some fuel good run some fuel good minutes that's going to be hopefully the lasting effect of last night's game you know coach theme was fun it was cold it was different it was great but getting caspi as you heard you know steph say in twenty six minutes in change 46 45 19 points ten rebounds that's huge i know it's against the sons but he and got louder hidden head numbers like that that's huge nick young last night 23 minutes change 16 points five of tin from uh from the field and patrick mccaw i knows only eight minutes seven minutes forty four seconds to be exact but when i saw patrick mccaw few games ago against oklahoma city thunder in russell westbrook was absolutely chest heaven his way with him to see patrick mccaw who is definitely had a crisis of confidence over these last few games get nine points or four six shooting those three guys in the way they were used in and and and how the players you know whether to dream on or whether it's it's a dollar or whether it was the other guys they were trying to get those guys off they were trying to get caspi and nick young and patrick mccaw in positions to where they could succeed they could feel good and.

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