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ESPN Radio and on the ESPN. A pair of unbeatens battle in South Bend, highlighting the day in college football. The loser of this game is still in the conversation for the college football playoff. Can Clemson again find a way without Trevor Lords, Travis scores from four yards out or to the Irish finish off the nation's top right team after a fast start frozen Kyle Trash does something no other Quarterback has ever done crashed on plaques and close it down. The left sideline got a wide receiver portion of its great Evers breeze. How might Avie Tilt Field Tampa's way? If you don't get to the head of the snake, your planets having the Buccaneers? There is no way to stop all of the weaponry there And did the Jets have spies in the locker room? The NFLPA is looking to find out. This is SportsCenter all night. Here is Jim Basque. Well, Kyle Trash airs out the dogs, while Indiana snaps a long slide to the Wolverines. Welcome to SportsCenter all night on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. Serious sex M channel 80 those highlights ahead, but first up, it's one Visiting four Head south in no Trevor Laurence for this game all go confirming today that he's going to be on the sidelines trying to take a test for mile car died. But that's that's a 10 minute test. That shouldn't come out of the game. Unless maybe there's something else going on so well. He's just anxious to get out s O. He'll be with us. He'll travel with us and just can't play because of cardiac back to play. Protocol that's in place. Yeah, while.

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