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Me throughout this movie because that's really the crux of it right like there will be things in your life and a everybody's experienced things like this. You don't have to be a star-crossed gay lover to have experienced this emotion. The the idea that there's something that you desperately need in your life and you're unable to get it for whatever reason whether it's You can't fuck in moved somewhere. You wanna move or get the job you want to be with the person you want. It's that has happened to just about everybody. And that's like the main. The biggest thrust of this movie that comes across to me is jack's feelings in. This movie are not unrequited but anak ship all right you can't. There's nothing you can do about it but he can also can't live with it. It's like that that's a hard thing to just stand it right. No rains on this thing. Do you think the the concept. I've been become aware of because i've learned so much new shit in the last fifteen sixteen years From where. I live my life before but like you know i. I read a lot of Thought that like bisexuals have than nine barrow near folks asexual have And there's this concept of of compulsory roll especially in like a lesbian circles compulsory. Heterosexuality whether you get in environment you get in a culture where like you're kinda told the like sexual pleasure and desire really isn't something that like women kinda do or feel or experience is certainly not in the same way of men and that like everyone just pairs off male female that it doesn't even occur to some young lesbians that like. Oh god actually do like girls. And i don't like men sexually because i guess you know why would i. Why would i. My mom didn't like my my dad's sexually and she only did you know had sex of purpose of procreation etc. I think that like..

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