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Act now and save up to fifty percent with a volume discount pricing must be installed by the end of March schedule your free processed immediately online today at major store dot com it's not just the floor wow it's nature so well all right seven forty six rankled no sign of the times while you do was expecting a full parking lot today where the UT arena was going to be the site tonight tomorrow night of the first for the NC double a tournament college basketball games might've been UC or Xavier you never know I mean if they want to make the field odds are they might have been in that game Hey instead of basketball fans in the parking lot though today they will start testing in the parking lot of UT arena for covert nineteen they will be doing the testing people who basically get a prescription from their doctor to have the test will drive up people in hazmat suits will come out of the tent there Hey minister the test right as you sit in your car it's basically a swab that they do of the cheek her I think and then they go up in the nose and president yesterday indicated that it was kind of unpleasant yeah but that testing will be done and they're hoping that the results which they'll know within twenty four to forty eight hours will help them get a handle for how well the containment procedures across that while we're working other doing it in Cleveland now this is the first one that I know of in southern Ohio and we are told that here in the Cincinnati area the testing is going to start in the next day or two you see you may have seen some of the video they've already got the the tent set up in their parking lot they're just waiting for the tests themselves the test kits that come in try health says that they're ready to go as soon as they have the materials and the you know for all the epidemiologists say the quicker we get these results the the better they know how to proceed so until they have some I guess some reliable numbers are better indication of who's at risk and and how it's progressing it's it's shut down everything in the meantime okay coming up on news eight o'clock we will talk about the primary election that has been scrubbed today in Ohio more in fifteen minutes use radio seven W. W. dot come up on seven forty eight and they're saying it was a report out of the U. K. that because the our government to have the the the more somber press conference yesterday pointing out just how big an impact this could have study out of the UK suggests if America didn't do anything about it and we already have done things about it but if we did nothing about the outbreak of corona virus here it could kill about two point two million people that's a big number Dr Deborah bricks one of the leaders of the White House coronavirus task force of the recommendations a joint information from the imperial college London report is that what had the biggest impact on the models social distancing small groups not going public in large groups most important thing was of one person in the household became infected the whole households of quarantine for fourteen days that's not a hundred percent of the transmission outside of that household lead author of the report the professor o'neill Ferguson so there's that no clear exit strategy from the measures they recommends that we're gonna have to suppress the virus frankly indefinitely until we have a vaccine it's a difficult position for the world to be an the report will also it influenced a switch to tougher measures in Britain as well they were kind of shrugged off early on to and they said they have to act there to stop the the epidemic in its tracks and maybe they got on time maybe they didn't and we'll find out but yeah if nothing had been done and like I said we've already done a lot the figure would have killed about two point two million Americans all right coming up on almost seven fifty seven fifty at seven hundred WLW we I got talk spring training here in a bit with Dave Armbruster because it's sponsored so get them momentarily first I will mention speaking of sponsors my good friend the nature talk about a beautiful floor in your house in this case you're talking about the basement together based on the gets wet from time to time kindly get down there this is what you want for a lot of reasons number one nothing insulates as well as nature's own insulate your floor like this but it also has a proprietary hydrostatic ports the fancy way to say it allows the water simply evaporate much more easily inhibits the growth of mold or mildew very easy to clean and maintain it's gonna protect your household from you know some of the health issues that can cause so if in fact your basement is damp or dirty and not a place you want to spend a whole bunch of time what you need is nature's don't go online to nature's done dot com and see what it looks like and say that's from me you'll never replace your basement flooring again this.

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