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Cboe, Commissioner, NHL discussed on Roe Conn


Called Madison playing politics game gamesmanship absentee voters have to mail in their ballots today or drop them off at a curbside drop box Ryan burrow WGN news the university of Illinois bioprocessing research lab in champagne has been turned into a gigantic hand sanitizer factory for the entire state they're expected to produce three hundred gallons of hand sanitizer a day through the duration of the virus the sanitizers being distributed to hospitals healthcare facilities and first responders and now WGN sports here's Kevin pal thanks Kim Major League Baseball and the players union exploring any and all options to get a season in this year including the idea of having all games played in the Phoenix area at local minor league parks as well as the Dynavax home chase field it would mean players would have to relocate to the desert for months among the possibilities being considered an electronic strike zone to allow the plate umpire to maintain distance no bound visits seven in a double headers ESPN's Jeff Passan broke the story here's what he had to say this is going to be Scott potentially if the games end up getting played like baseball on Mars this is going to be something like we have never seen before in baseball fans will not be permitted in parks and asking players to compete in mid summer in the desert means games would likely be played in the morning or late at night NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has raised the possibility of not being able to complete the regular season while stressing all options remain on the table there what are a hundred eighty eight nine games remaining when play was postponed on March twelfth the Blackhawks two of twelve unplayed games on their schedule and in college hoops my freshman star Kofi Cockburn has announced he's turning pro after one season the seven foot center earned big ten freshman of the year honors after starting all thirty one games for the ally nine averaging thirteen points and eight boards and all of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball Kevin Powell WGN sports your money on WGN the Dow closed down twenty six points today nasdaq down twenty five the S. and P. five hundred down four oil down a dollar seventy one at twenty four dollars thirty seven cents gold down today in the Vicks at the CBOE up a point I'm Kim Gordon I'm Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN we.

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Cboe, Commissioner, NHL discussed on Roe Conn

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