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Car, including fresh groceries. Contact free. BJ's live generous. It's 5, 28 traffic and weather. Mom hates him when it breaks back to Bobby Miller in the W T O P Traffic Center got some volume out there and something 95 certainly very slow from new each over the AKA Cuando 1 23 and then three Stafford toward Fredericksburg, but nothing in the way Friday Rush hour and really not even a typical 1 66 South through Forget a Fairfax City heaviest out through Centerville. Nothing stopped in the world way there 3 95. They never broken down car, the ramp to the water Duke Street to go west. Now I think they may have moved on. But it is slow from King Street getting to do street South bound and north about 3 95 slowing counter channel into town, South Bound G W Parkway from after the memorial Bridge, getting 23 95 and North bound George Washington Parkway still being diverted. You'll have to go on just spout run Parkway toward Larkham Lane and Lee Highway. So if you come off the key bridge, which is quite slow each way, then you're gonna have to get off it spout run best not to get on the G W Parkway, then South bound is open. But against the approaching the 14th Street Bridge and inbound Canal Road on the district side very slow after Fox Hole getting to the key Bridge and the White House know the Whitehurst is all right, but not so much on the Roosevelt Bridge That's running very slowly, and that is because you really your only option is to get on top. Freeway and head up toward the Whitehurst Freeway and because constitution independence all of that closed along with all the other closures across the mall, north of the Mall and south of the Mall, Bobby Inman WP Opie Traffic to Storm Team for meteorologist Mike Standiford outfit on rain showers Tonight they'll end after midnight as a cold front comes through an overnight lows be in the mid to upper.

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